Bravo: Eve Ensler and V20!

Eve Ensler

Twenty years before #MeToo, Eve Ensler broke down the silence on violence against women on V-Day, 1998 with the first production of The Vagina Monologues.  It has evolved into a global movement to end violence against women:  One Billion Rising.

Ms. Ensler broke her silence and turned her pain into power.  Twenty years later, one billion people around the world join her every V-Day to protest social injustice.

On V-Day, 2009, I was inspired by Ms. Ensler to launch Navigating Uncharted Waters with $15 and a little help from my friends.  Today, my audience will reach 785K people from every country in the world.

Who says one person can’t make a difference?

Happy V-Day, y’all!  Thanks for your support!

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