Liberty & Justice for ALL

It’s wrong to do it in the streets.
It’s wrong to do it in the tweets.
You cannot do it on the field.
You cannot do it if you’ve kneeled.
And don’t do it if you’re rich,
You “ungrateful son of a bitch.”
Because there’s one thing that’s a fact:
You cannot protest if you’re Black.
Trevor Noah

Did you know that “taking a knee” in protest during the singing of the national anthem was the idea of Nate Boyer, a Green Beret and former NFL player?  We “take a knee” to honor fallen soldiers.

The Declaration of Independence granted liberty and justice to ALL.  I am livid and appalled that racist spin-masters believe Black soldiers who have fought and died for our freedoms and liberty should be denied these rights when they return home.

This isn’t about flags or national anthems.  It is about the systematic denial of Civil Rights to Black people.

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