Free Tuition: Bernie Sanders’ April Fool’s Joke

Cherry Trees at the University of Washington

Cherry Trees at the University of Washington

Free college tuition was the primary reason <pun intended> voters supported Bernie Sanders last weekend at my Washington State caucus.  Apparently, it was an early April Fool’s joke on them.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

It’ll be free if the governors of America
put in about $28 billion.
– Hillary Clinton

Washington State is ultra-progressive and liberal.  Yet, our state supreme court decided that K-12 education wasn’t adequately funded.  The legislature still balked.  The supreme court held them in contempt of court and fined them $100K/day.

If states like Washington can’t manage to fund K-12 education, how the hell do gullible Sanders supporters think he’ll fulfill this campaign promise?  Apparently, they stop listening as soon as he says the words “Wall Street:”

Our plan imposes the tax on Wall Street speculation, which raises more than enough money to pay for free tuition in public colleges and universities.  Two-thirds of the money comes from the federal government.  A third comes from the states.  [emphasis added]

The $28 billion tab on that pesky third comes from the states.  Meanwhile, failure to fund K-12 education has been an issue before supreme courts in every state.

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