Book Review: Brave Enough

Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Strayed

Desperation is unsustainable.
– Cheryl Strayed, Brave Enough

Cheryl Strayed is an abuse survivor akin to Grandma Gatewood.  Her hike of the Pacific Coast Trail was featured in the book and movie Wild.

In Brave EnoughMs. Strayed shares her wisdom via quotes which she believes are “mini-instruction manuals for the soul.”


Every last one of us can do better than give up.
– Cheryl Strayed, Brave Enough

If you are struggling to heal after an abusive relationship, I recommend this book highly.  If you are seeking the road to empowerment, the sage wisdom in the book is priceless.

Nobody’s going to do your life for you.

You have to do it yourself,
whether you’re rich or poor,
out of money or raking it in,
the beneficiary of ridiculous fortune or terrible injustice.
And you have to do it no matter what is true.
No matter what is hard.
No matter what unjust, sad, sucky things have befallen you.
Self-pity is a dead-end road.
You make the choice to drive down it.
It’s up to you to decide to stay parked there or
to turn around and drive out.
– Cheryl Strayed, Brave Enough

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