Sexual Assaults on Campus: The Hunting Ground

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Rapists can rape with impunity on campus.
– Andrea Pino

Co-ed rape survivors are silent no more.  The Hunting Ground is a documentary about rape on campus.  It was produced by Amy Ziering, who was nominated for an Academy Award for The Invisible War which exposed rape in the military.  It is playing in theaters now and will air on CNN in the fall.  Ms. Ziering told CNN:

This isn’t about hook up culture.  It isn’t sex gone bad.  It’s actually alcohol being used as a weapon by serial predators. . .We’re telling a story that no one has heard before and no one understands.

ΣAE which is in the spotlight for racist rants has been dubbed Sexual Assaults Expected.

Kirby Dick (writer/director) and Amy Ziering (producer)

Kirby Dick (writer/director) and Amy Ziering (producer)

If your rapist is a well-known athlete …
well, get ready to face the court of public opinion,
where tweeting death threats is an accepted practice.

Sundance gave The Hunting Game rave reviews:

Scrutinizing the gamut of elite Ivies, state universities, and small colleges, filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering reveal an endemic system of institutional cover-ups, rationalizations, victim-blaming, and denial that creates perfect storm conditions for predators to prey with impunity.


It’s not just sex gone wrong.
Rape is definitely a premeditated crime.
– Andrea Pino

Co-ed rape survivor Annie E. Clark and Andrea Pino, who launched End Rape on Campus, are featured in the documentary.  They are the activist duo who invoked Title IX to compel universities to hold rapists accountable.

Brown University protest on 3/11/15

Brown University sexual assault protest on 3/11/15

On March 11, 400 Brown University students protested the investigation into the alleged sexual assaults of two co-eds at a Phi Kappa Psi party.  The dollar bills taped over their mouths symbolize a possible conflict of interest.  The daddy of the perpetrator who allegedly spiked the co-ed’s drinks with a date rape drug sits on the board which oversees Brown University.

Before we send our kids off to college, parents need to educate themselves on the university’s culture of rape.  A staggering 25% of co-eds are raped.  Yet, these crimes are frequently discounted, minimized, or ignored by administrations at elite universities.

Imagine for a moment that 25% of students were victims of a shooting rampage or that 25% of the students’ iPads or laptops were stolen.  The crimes would make headlines.  They wouldn’t get swept under the proverbial carpet.  Nobody would attend these universities, and alumni sure as hell wouldn’t make generous donations.

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