Thank You, HP: It’s a Wonderful Life

WonderfulLife Despair
It’s a Wonderful Life is an iconic, classic Christmas movie of a hero’s journey to achieve victory over evil.  If you are a survivor of intimate terrorism (child abuse, molestation, domestic violence, etc.), you’ve likely had your own dark nights of the soul ~ especially if you have PTSD.  I had an especially dark night of the soul shortly before Thanksgiving.  My coping mechanisms failed me.  I wouldn’t be alive this Christmas morning but for a pair of miracles.

As y’all know, I have been plagued by issues with my lemon computer.  I’d all but given up because I was exhausted by the constant battle to survive and the myriad of bureaucrats who love to abuse the power entrusted to them for sport.

WonderfulLife PotterI’ve encountered more than my fair share of Mr. Potters.  I felt like Atlas and wanted to shrug the weight of the world off my shoulders.  It was too much, and I was way past done fighting.

HP informed me that my warranty had expired, and my food stamps were slashed almost in half.  I was so beyond done playing the sadistic game of achieving the impossible with inadequate resources and a safety net which was perpetually slashed by officious bureaucrats.  I fired off accountability missives to the CEOs responsible for these corporate dysfunctions and accepted that I wasn’t likely to survive this round.

I apologized to Bitzie for failing her and the Byrds.  My instincts shouted at me to check my e-mail.  I was astonished to find a message from Republican Meg Whitman’s staff at HP.

In the morning, I called HP and was connected to my own guardian angel, Michelle in Canada.  She runs HP’s amazing executive customer service team.  HP’s warranty policies need serious work, but Michelle is an absolute wizard at transforming pissed off customers into loyal advocates for HP.  She endured my rants with grace and dignity.

HP requires that computers be returned for repair twice before they are replaced.  The problem is that HP has selected a repair facility in Indiana which is less than competent.  They took my computer from bad to worse, and I wasn’t interested in allowing them a second opportunity to screw it up.

HP's Envy

HP’s Envy

Michelle crafted a brilliant solution:  the folks in Indiana with their bad attitudes and poor work ethic would pay to replace my lemon computer.  She offered me a smoking hot computer with a 2T hard drive and 12 RAM.  It is aptly called Envy.

I burst into tears of gratitude and relief.  I didn’t realize how badly I wanted to continue my work on my blog and ultimately publish a series of books for survivors of intimate terrorism.  In time, I realized that my own hero’s journey is to Tell It, Sista!

WonderfulLife Ending
My FB friends cheered, and I don’t think Michelle yet realizes the difference she made in the lives of the over 572,000 people who have visited this site from every country in the world with her phenomenal customer service talents.  I don’t think she has absorbed yet the difference just one person with integrity can make in a person’s life.  She’s George Bailey and Clarence:  the good guy who makes life better for everyone he meets, and the angel who brings the message of It’s a Wonderful Life.

WonderfulLife BedfordFalls
Santa (FedEx) delivered my new computer on the eve of Christmas Eve.  Santa hasn’t visited me for a good 60 years, and I can’t begin to describe the joy I felt.  It isn’t just a computer.  It is my future.

Scrooge also showed up that day, but I realized that the juxtaposition of these events was reinforcement that I received this Christmas miracle because I need to Tell It, Sista!

This is my 600th post, and I am ecstatic that I get to use this forum to thank HP for having people like Michelle and her amazing team available to make it right.  I’ve owned HP products for decades, and Michelle proved to me that my loyalty was honored and appreciated by HP.  Bless you, Michelle.  Bless you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, y’all.  I wish everyone peace and love.

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