PTSD Antidote: Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts & Bubble Bath

Who knew?  I’ve been in PTSD hell since last June due to never-ending bureaucratic bullshit that should never, ever happen.  But, it does.

Thank you, Julie Owens

Thank you, Julie Owens

Hopefully, this ended on Monday, 4/14/14 ~ the day of the blood moon that wasn’t visible here in Seattle.

Thank you, Mary MacRae

Thank you, Mary MacRae

I found a new therapist, and I desperately needed to contain this latest round of PTSD hell.

This afternoon I treated myself to a Dr. Teal’s Relax & Relief bubble bath with epsom salts after achieving a 50% win rate in computer solitaire.  I have been playing obsessively for weeks while desperately trying to survive brutal intentional infliction of emotional distress from my landlord.  I have a message for those assholes:  “Karma’s a bitch only if you are!”

My dream bubble bath experience

My dream bubble bath experience

After a good soak and very hot bath, I emerged feeling relaxed.  More healthy and effective than a bottle of wine.  The scent is lovely and lingers for hours.  Epsom salts are the secret.

The best bubble baths touch all our senses:  smell (scent of the bubbles), touch (temperature of the water), audio (soothing music), vision (candlelight), and taste (something yummy to drink to keep us hydrated and relaxed).  Don’t be surprised if you emerge with a new lease on life and fresh ideas.


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