Bucket List Artist’s Date: Cherry Blossoms at the University of WA

BlossomCherry My bucket list is relatively short. For years, I have wanted to see the cherry blossoms at the University of Washington (UW). Monday was a rare day of sunshine and warm weather in Seattle.  I hope my photos will boost the spirits of folks who feel stuck with never-ending Winter weather.

44BusIt took three buses to get to the UW’s campus.  I was ecstatic that the last one was one of these electric buses ~ a minor bucket list item checked off.

Quad I knew that the cherry trees were at the Quad, but I had no idea where the hell it was on campus.

P1020868 The campus is beautiful with a wide array of exquisite architecture and lovely landscaping. It has a Big Bend-style clock tower which adds to the ambience.

Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape

Although the judge had Oregon grape in his Japanese garden, I had no idea that their blossoms were so fragrant. Heaven!

Korean Spice Bush

Korean Spice Bush

One of my most favorite bushes is the Korean Spice bush which is a type of viburnum.  I had one outside my condo’s bedroom window when I lived in Wilmette, IL.  Sweet dreaming!  It was the first photo I tried to take upon arrival on campus.  I was horrified to discover that I’d forgotten my camera’s SD card, but the UW’s bookstore saved me.

Arrival After wandering around campus, I finally found the Quad. Oh, my! I didn’t expect to see so many visitors because there weren’t many people on campus.

Picnic I found a park bench and soaked in the tranquility of the moment.PicnicPuppy This puppy was a delight to watch.  I think the pups had as much fun as the people.

Top Then, I noticed several open windows in Smith Hall and dared to shoot this overhead shot from an empty classroom.  Can you imagine this vista during a boring lecture?

AsianGirls Kids were climbing trees, and I was astounded that these girls didn’t shred their panty-hose to pose for this photo.  The Quad was full of geeky guys taking photos of their outstandingly beautiful girlfriends.

AsianCouple The joy and affection of this young couple makes this old lady’s heart sing.

Blossoms Cherry blossoms are beautiful.

CherryTree The structure of the tree is magnificent.

MotherSon This little guy and his mother didn’t wait until they are 65 to see the cherry trees.

Saucer Magnolia

Saucer Magnolia

It wasn’t all about the cherry trees. I found a beautiful Saucer Magnolia tree outside the Music Hall.

Star Magnolia

Star Magnolia

And, its cousin the Star Magnolia.

Anne Caroline Drake at the Quad

Anne Caroline Drake at the Quad

This is the view from the Music Hall end of the Quad.

Music Hall Spire

Music Hall Spire

I loved the spires on the tops of the buildings.
TreesSmith The sun was getting ready to set, and it was time to go home.

Sculpture On the way to catch the commuter bus which would drive me right to my door, I noticed this amusing sculpture.

The Byrds watching the Voice

The Byrds watching the Voice

When I got home, it was time to watch the Byrd’s favorite show, the Voice.  As soon as they hear the show’s theme music, they pop out of their cage to watch and tweet their approval of the best acts.  Last season they picked the winner during the opening auditions.  This season they don’t yet have a favorite.  It was a blissful end to a perfect afternoon.

4 responses to “Bucket List Artist’s Date: Cherry Blossoms at the University of WA

  1. I loved every one of these photos! Thanks for the tour, and especially your birds at the end!

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