Movie Review: Mirror, Mirror

Queen Clementianna and Snow White

Queen Clementianna and Snow White

– Snow must fall.
– Queen Clementianna

If you are looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer or inspiration for the new year, I highly recommend Mirror, MirrorIt is a delightfully clever and emPOWERed twist on the classic Snow White.  Queen Clementianna (Julia Roberts) is the evil, abusive step-mother, who is a wickedly hysterical parody of  the greedy 1% on Wall Street.

Snow White and Prince Andrew Alcott

Snow White and Prince Andrew Alcott

Yes, there is a handsome prince. And, the Queen wants him and his money to fund her extravagant lifestyle and to warm her bed.  Prince Andrew Alcott (Armie Hammer), however, is entranced by Snow White (Lily Collins).

Queen Clementianna and Brighton

Queen Clementianna and Brighton

So, the cougar Queen enlists the support of her sycophant servant Brighton (Nathan Lane) to murder Snow White in the forest. Spoiler alert: the poison apple isn’t eaten by Snow White.

Film Title: Mirror Mirror
Snow White has her own allies on the royal staff. The royal baker Margaret (Mare Winningham) organizes an 18th birthday celebration for Snow White and presents the king’s dagger to her.  Spoiler alert:  Snow White uses the dagger to slay the beast.

Snow White and the Dwarfs

Snow White and the Dwarfs

In the forest, Snow White meets the thieving, ninja-like dwarfs and forms a strategic alliance with them.  They teach her how to access her inner-power, and she uses her position to enhance their status.  Think Occupy Wall Street meets Robin Hood and Pretty Woman.  My politically active, feminist friends will enjoy the satirical analogies to the 2012 presidential campaigns.

Dueling royals

Dueling royals

In a brilliant plot twist, Snow White rescues the prince from the Queen’s drug-induced spell. A spirited duel ignites their passion and proves the pair are evenly matched.  Yes, good wins out over evil, and the movie ends happily ever after with two very clever plot twists.

I’ll probably watch this DVD again before I return it to bolster my spirits and get me in a positive frame of mind for 2013.

Happy Holidays!


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