Karmic Lessons: Droughts and Hurricanes

The Universe has a way of bringing Karmic lessons to our front door until we surrender to wisdom and change our ways.

All summer long folks in the red states prayed for rain to end the drought that destroyed crops.  The rain finally came in the form of Hurricane Isaac which delayed the start of the Republican National Convention.  Hurricane Sandy’s left hook, which was predicted with amazing accuracy by British scientists, poured a phenomenal amount of precipitation on 19 states from the Atlantic coast all the way to Chicago.  Is Ma Nature trying to teach us something?  Probably.

The lesson we each think Ma Nature is trying to teach us says a lot about our perspectives, our values, and who we are deep inside.  The way we respond to the devastation reveals our true values.

SnoCounty, WA PUD Linemen

I am very proud that PUD, my local electric utility, is sending 10 linemen to New Jersey, and I hope they restore the power to my friend Karen Welch’s home.  It would be a powerful Karmic connection.  Yes, that pun was intended.

Twenty storm experts are flying out from Seattle.  Hopefully, this response will be replicated across America to bring back the spirit of a truly UNITED States.

Gov. Christie (R-NJ) and Pres. Obama (D)

I would love to see the bipartisan cooperation extend beyond hurricane relief efforts to break up the gridlock in Washington, D.C.

There’s a wonderful guy running for Washington’s 10th Congressional district named Denny Heck, who is airing commercials that make me laugh out loud.  His slogan is that it is time to give Congress Heck, and I would agree.

I’ve been doing a lot of intense introspection since my mother’s death last week.  It hasn’t been fun, but it has been remarkably insightful, productive, and healing.

As my leftover pizza was heating in the microwave this afternoon, I had a huge lightbulb moment. . .

My acquaintances, friends, and colleagues who complain most bitterly about their current circumstances are all voting Republican.  Some of them live in the “show me” state of Missouri, and I would have thought they might have made the connection between the tornado in Joplin and Mitt Romney’s proclamation that FEMA is “immoral” and their own self-interests.  It isn’t like the Midwest will be free of tornadoes anytime soon.  FEMA relocated the tiny town of Valmeyer, IL near my own hometown because it persistently was underwater when the mighty Mississippi River flooded.

My cousin is going to a benefit for a guy who was horridly injured at home.  He works for a restaurant and doesn’t have health insurance.  His employer is holding the benefit, and I’m willing to bet that everyone at the event will bitch about Obamacares without realizing they wouldn’t have to have the benefit, and their beloved friend wouldn’t be on the brink of bankruptcy if his employer had provided health insurance.

My Republican friends constantly bitch about the fact that they aren’t making a living wage without making the connection between their votes for Republicans and their current financial circumstances.  It makes me want to ask them whether maybe the Universe is trying to teach them a lesson about their votes that they just don’t want to learn.

The bottom line harsh reality is that if your name isn’t on the Forbes list, you are voting against your own self-interests if you vote for Republicans.  If you are a female person, you are voting against your own self-interests if you vote Republican.  If you are a survivor of domestic violence and/or child abuse, you sure are hell voting against your self-interests if you vote Republican.  They blocked funding for the Violence Against Women Act.

It’s your vote.  Democracy is all about each of us getting a voice.  It is the most basic way we emPOWER ourselves.  The folks who are uber-wealthy thanks to Republican policies invested in (bribed via PAC contributions) politicians who would represent their self-interests.  We might all aspire to be as rich as Oprah, but until we are, we need to be smart about who gets our votes.  Oprah, by the way, was an early supporter of Pres. Obama because she knows better than most that nobody achieves the American dream without help.  If we aren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths, help comes mostly from government-funded programs.

There was a time when I was a strident Republican.  That was before I woke the hell up, stopped being gullible, and looked at the record beneath the rhetoric.  I know better than most people how and why the Republican party intentionally obliterated the middle class.  I know how they manipulated voters to vote against their self-interests.  And, I know why so many red state voters never developed critical thinking skills ~ they went to schools that didn’t deliver the quality education they deserved.

Now, I’m getting off my soapbox.  I voted.  I hope you will vote too.

2 responses to “Karmic Lessons: Droughts and Hurricanes

  1. Wonderful post. You are a great writer. Glad I made it back here again. I guess we cross paths when it is the right time. I think I had forgotten how politics really is quite personal.

  2. My sympathies to you on the death of your mother. Mine died 2 years ago. It is an adjustment. So glad you are still expressing your views. It will help in the long-run. Here’s to a Democratic victory next week!

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