Bravo: News Anchor Jai Cunningham Boldly Protests DV On-Air!

Jai Cunningham, news anchor at KHON2 (Hawaii)

I hope to shock you. . .
I want this to serve as a reminder that domestic violence is real,
it happens every day. . .
– Jai Cunningham, Halloween, 2012

How do you wake people the hell up about domestic violence?

Jai Cunningham is a DV survivor and news anchor at KHON2 in Hawaii. After his friend Heather Rosa Tuiolosega was allegedly murdered by her husband Nelson Tuiolosega in California, he had his head shaved on-air during Wake Up 2day.  He didn’t ask the station for permission.  He just did it.  Bold.  Courageous.  Shocking.

Heather Rosa Tuiolosega

While his head was being shaved, he talked about his personal experience of being a DV survivor and vowed to have his head shaved each time someone dies from domestic violence.  After the broadcast, Ms. Tuiolosega’s brother-in-law Steve Baginski joined in the protest.  Paul Wood had his head shaved during his lunch hour.  KHON2 viewers sent in photos of their shaved heads.  They hope that when viewers see all these shaved heads that they will get the message:

We should all fight. . .to honor the victims of domestic violence.

. . .for the next year if a woman or child in Hawaii is killed due to domestic violence I will shave my head once again, just too let you know we’re still standing up to domestic violence.

The Wake Up 2day segment has been watched by over 168,000 people on YouTube.

Bravo, Mr. Cunningham!  Bravo!

3 responses to “Bravo: News Anchor Jai Cunningham Boldly Protests DV On-Air!

  1. Sadly, he’ll be getting his head shaved at least three times a week…What a wonderful and very public gesture, but another tragic and preventable loss.

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