No Endorsement for Governor, Washington State

Rob McKenna, Washington’s Attorney General

When I first heard he was running for governor, I intended to fully support Rob McKenna.  He has been a steadfast champion in Washington State for survivors of domestic violence and child abuse.

However, I recently learned that a key component of ObamaCares is screening for domestic violence.  The regulations become effective on August 1, and I think they are an integral component in a shift of the domestic violence paradigm from the dysfunctional criminal “justice” system to the medical community which will be able to use team medicine for early intervention.

Mr. McKenna spent millions of dollars fighting ObamaCares at the U.S. Supreme Court.  He continues to stridently oppose it.

In addition, Mr. McKenna is passionately campaigning for charter schools.  I asked someone to explain the concept to me over the weekend and quickly grasped that “charter school” is code for public financing of prep schools for rich kids.  In other words, it is welfare for the rich 1% who think the 99% should pay for their kids’ elite education.  The money will come out of funding for public schools thereby diminishing the already skinny budgets to educate kids in the 99%.  This will make it even more impossible for kids in the 99% to achieve the American Dream.

Where there are code words, there is manipulation of voters who lack the capacity to think critically.  In this case, the voters are folks who would like for their kids to attend parochial school.  A lot of these families don’t have the wealth to send their kids to private school.  They think charter schools will benefit their kids.  Wrong.

It is unconstitutional for the state to fund parochial educations.  The voters won’t learn this until after the law is passed and somebody files suit.  Then, the Republicans will blame those damned liberals in the ACLU without ever admitting that they intentionally conned voters into voting against their best interests.

Rep. Jay Inslee conned me into knocking on doors until my knuckles were bloody to get him elected by promising to be a champion on the issue of domestic violence.  He never delivered.  His staff has notoriously been tone-deaf and callously indifferent to the challenges facing domestic violence survivors.  I did a “yippee, Skippy!” dance when he announced he was retiring from Congress because his lack of leadership ability is something we don’t need here in Washington State.

This race makes me wish that “none of the above” was on the ballot because I’m fairly confident that in this race “none of the above” would win.  On Election Day, I will hold my nose and vote for one of these guys, but I’ll be angry that I didn’t get a better choice.  We the People of Washington State deserve better than these two guys.

It costs the state of Washington $12 billion each year to provide welfare benefits for domestic violence and child abuse survivors who slip through the cracks of an exceedingly dysfunctional system.  This is serious money.  A lot of people would like to get off welfare and get back to work, but I don’t see this happening on either of these candidate’s watch.

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