Remembering Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson

How did the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald L. Goldman impact your life?  Did you think ~ as I did ~ “there but for the grace of God go I?”  Did you realize it was time to break down your own walls of silence?

Today is the 18th anniversary of the day O.J. Simpson brutally murdered Ms. Simpson and her friend Mr. Goldman and got away with it.  We are all invited to light a candle tonight to remember them.

Ron Goldman

Too often Mr. Goldman gets lost in this story. He will always be my hero because he’s the only person who stepped up to the plate to protect Ms. Simpson.  He is perhaps the charter member of the Men Against Domestic Violence movement.  He was there for her when the rest of the world was busy sucking up to Mr. Simpson.  Abuse survivor and Los Angeles Times columnist the late Andrea Dworkin opined:

Surrounded by family, friends and a community of affluent acquaintances, Nicole Simpson was alone. Having turned to police, prosecutors, victim’s aid, therapists and a women’s shelter, she was still alone. Ronald L. Goldman may have been the only person in 17 years with the courage to try to intervene physically in an attack on her; and he’s dead, killed by the same hand that killed her, an expensively gloved, extra-large hand.

Nicole Brown Simpson

Mr. Goldman was there for her when her best “friend” Kris Kardashian Jenner was too busy with her uber-narcissistic life on June 12, 1994.  Her late husband had the outrageous audacity to defend Mr. Simpson.

OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson is in jail now, but not for the murders.  The Goldman family got a measure of justice with a “guilty” verdict in a civil wrongful death trial, but Mr. Simpson never paid the damages assessed by the court.

Fred and Kim Goldman

I couldn’t watch the criminal trial.  It did, however, help me appreciate that I was very lucky to still be alive.  I wasn’t the only domestic violence survivor to feel this way or to know without a doubt that Mr. Simpson was guilty.  We silently and collectively knew we couldn’t remain silent.  A lot of us wished we knew someone with Mr. Goldman’s courage, integrity, and strength of character.  We all admired the Goldman family for their outspoken grace during an unbelievably painful time.

You brought us pride, love, joy, and happiness,
We hope we have brought you honor.
– The Goldman Family

When the Goldman family came to the Chicago area on their book tour to promote His Name Is Ron:  Our Search for Justice, I drove over 100 miles to meet them and express my condolences.  After hearing my story, Kim Goldman asked me to break my own silence.  I promised her that I would.  I had no idea at the time that the first person I would tell was Oprah Winfrey after she announced Black & Blue as her book club selection on Maundy Thursday, 1998.

Today I hope time has helped the Goldman and Brown families heal.  I pray that they are able to recall Ron and Nicole with a smile on their lips rather than a tear in their eyes.  I pray they have found peace.  We will never forget.

16 responses to “Remembering Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson

  1. Thank you so much for reminding me of this today. I am very much affected by it. Years ago, I met Nicole (and OJ) at a school event in L.A. Her daughter Sydney and my daughter Cristen were both about five years old. Nicole was very warm, and was especially affectionate with her daughter.
    In 1995, I remember watching the verdict being read, clutching my husband’s hand, and crying out in grief. In 2001, I worked with Denise Brown to put on a fundraiser in Nicole’s honor, raising money for victims of domestic violence. Working with Nicole’s family was an honor, one I will never forget. At the time, Denise recounted to me her family’s struggles of sharing custody of the kids with OJ, while knowing what he had done. I am so grateful they finally pinned something to that sociopath, and locked him up!

  2. Thank You Lord each day for Ron Goldman and his unbeatable spirit..May his memory create a legacy all over the world for the fight against domestic violence..God bless Nicole and her family as well for enduring the agony with the Goldman family on a crime that should never had happened.If we would all stand together as one unbeatable force than those who brutalize innocent victims will be brought to justice…I shall always remember this day but most importantly have there souls etched in my heart for all eternity..God Bless them both and all who suffered that day and are still suffering that void of energy and love that was too soon taken from us on this earth..May we be worthy to stand up for all who go through those dark nights and days with a feeling that no one is listening..Now is the time to listen to the Drummer and hear the heartbeat of courage to stand for what is right….God Bless You All….Betty Robbins

  3. Hi Anne Caroline, I know you quite well from Nancy’s website, where I also posted numerous comments. I am writing this from South Africa as the mother of Elena Blank Gross and my grandchildren Joshua and Gabrial Gross, now 9 and 5 years old, who since December 1 2009 have been living at the mercy of not only one but two convicted felons, their father, convicted of manufacturing meth which he even peddled to school children, long-term meth addict and severe alcoholic and his brother who even tried to strangle his ex-wife. Alcohol and drugs runs like a red tape through that family, yet this lowlife was given physical custody 14 days after the restraining order was lifted against him (by the same commissioner who gave him custody) which was granted in October 2009 after he had held her hostage in the house and terrorized her. The obscenities hurled at her in emails and over the phone in front of the children, in addition to death threats on the public website of a US newspaper, his Facebook, emails are ignored by the court, in fact, Elena filed for another restraining order a fortnight ago, containing 80 pages of documented abuse – DENIED! I wake up in the morning and go to bed with the fear that my daughter will be returned to me in a body bag, he will either kill her or the children. The most disturbing thing, however, is that everybody knows about my daughter’s desperate situation, particularly those calling for reform of the family court system, but nobody lifts a finger with the appalling explanation “oh no, we cannot get involved in individual cases” .

    This passage above describes Elena’s situation to the T, although her family is far away in South Africa and must watch helplessly how this remarkable woman and mother is maliciously being destroyed by a criminal, aided and abetted by the same psychopaths in black robes.

    Surrounded by family, friends and a community of affluent acquaintances, Nicole Simpson was alone. Having turned to police, prosecutors, victim’s aid, therapists and a women’s shelter, she was still alone. Ronald L. Goldman may have been the only person in 17 years with the courage to try to intervene physically in an attack on her; and he’s dead, killed by the same hand that killed her, an expensively gloved, extra-large hand.

    Let me share with you the email the outraged publisher of Geminipress sent to the Presiding Judge of the Riverside Superior Court, which summarizes Elena’s situation:

    Date: November 30, 2011 2:10:26 PM EST
    To: Judge Ellsworth
    Cc: Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye , Judge Carbon , Eric Holder
    Subject: A Travesty

    Dear Judge Ellsworth,

    I’m aghast learning about what has happened to one Elena Gross and her two young sons (Case IND 098669 and INC 1000 2737) at the hands of various officers of the Riverside Superior Court in Indio, California—and others. It’s like a surreal horror story one might see on TV, and one that cannot be believed to have happened/be happening in America.

    One illegal maneuver, one insult to reason, and one affront to justice after another have been visited upon this mother of two—just because Ms Gross sought divorce from an atmosphere of intolerable abuse, and happens to be a legal immigrant, apparently; and because her court experience began with her at the mercy of a criminal in judicial clothing. She has had to bear the pain of her two boys being in the custody of a former convicted felon, drug addict/manufacturer, and violent alcoholic, within the atmosphere of a dysfunctional family, including one “Uncle Scott,” who had had a restraining order against him naming his ex-wife (whom he had tried to strangle), the kids and the pets, because his favorite game was throwing the family kittens to next door neighbor’s pit bull.

    The trail of injustice began with Commissioner Lawrence Best, who tyrannically ‘awarded’ custody of the boys to the father, one Timothy Gross, in spite of all evidence and reason, “because he wanted to teach her a lesson” (as revealed by a close source to the court) and in retaliation for the 170.6 motion Ms Gross had filed against him on November 25th, 2009 (to disqualify him for bias) after he had dismissed the domestic violence restraining order against T Gross on November 16th which he himself had granted in October. This ‘legal crime’ suggest strongly that Best is much like Gross himself and was using the power of the Court to visit his own kind of woman-hating injustice upon Ms Gross.

    Best’s mind-boggling outrage was followed by that of Judge Dale Wells, who has a history of reckless decisions that damage the lives of children and mothers; and, most recently in this procession of fraud and judicial malfeasance, by that of one Judge Hopp, who has refused to enforce his own court order compelling Mr Gross and his co-sponsors to pay the mandatory monthly support in accordance with an Affidavit of Support they concluded with the federal government.

    All these individuals have violated Elena Gross’s Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights, as they have seriously violated their oaths of office (although Commissioner Best never even filed his oath with the Secretary of State). “Any judge who does not comply with his oath to the Constitution of the United States wars against that Constitution and engages in acts in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land. The judge is engaged in acts of treason.”

    Fully aware that Elena Gross is penniless because of the Court’s willful failure to enforce payment of support arrears, the Court also granted judgment for an illegal foreclosure, thus ruthlessly evicting her from the family home in Indio on November 15, at 6 a.m.—knowing full well she had nowhere to go. Thus, the most recent insult is that Elena Gross is now living in her car! This is a wanton attempt literally to destroy a person.

    Pet owners would face severe penalties for treating animals in this manner. And, given the mental imbalance and violent behavior of the abuser and his family, it’s not beyond reason to be concerned for her safety from physical violence, or a ‘mysterious’ accident.

    I would love to see an explanation of how such goings-on can occur in the court system, first of all, and then be tolerated and perpetuated. This speaks to a deep and concerning deficiency in checks and balances that should be preventing/correcting such unabashed breach of the law, and to a shocking depravity in several denizens of the court system (including some un-credentialed family mediators).

    The foregoing examples are only a fraction of the story. I respectfully urge you to examine the ample evidence in the possession of Ms Gross and her mother, Ingrid Blank, clearly detailing the entire travesty.

    The Court should be held criminally and financially liable for causing great hardship and emotional stress with intentional malice. The question is, which individual and/or what authority is going to have the integrity to stand up for what is right and come down with force upon one or more of ‘their own’? Is there any part of the system that operates according to law, as opposed to the whims of a gaggle of psychologically disturbed wielders of power, and has the power and will to bring remedy?

    Thank you for your time.

    Peter T.

    We have now launched a petition to remove this women hater and child torturer from the bench of the Indio Family Court, who as a Commissioner already destroyed hundreds of mothers and children. We have combined Elena’s case and Maha Rahim’s case, a young mother from Puerto Rico whose 4-year old son was KIDNAPPED by this black-robed wielder of power to live with “daddy” in Indio. In Elena’s case he insulted her South African nationality, declared her a “flight risk” DESPITE proof of her expired passport, in Maha’s case he insulted Puerto Rico, crime rate, inferior education system and Islam. This is a Nazi-style xenophobic witch hunt against legal immigrants and ethnic groups.
    Here are my comments I posted on the petition:
    I am Ingrid Blank, the mother of the petitioner, and on behalf of my daughter and grandchildren, terrorized and tortured not only by their abuser but legally battered and raped by the judicial officers of the INDIO FAMILY COURT, I hereby request an urgent forensic state audit of Case IND 098669 and INC 1000 2737.

    JUDGE DALE WELLS needs to be removed forthwith from the INDIO FAMILY COURT before he continues his carnage and despicable destruction of the lives of good parents and their children, from which he
    evidently derives a perverse pleasure.

    A judge who like DALE WELLS dismisses FIFTY counts of forcible rape of a minor against a former Riverside County Probation officer in 2010 with the insane argument that there was insufficient evidence to show that this monster used duress when having sex with the girl, although this constitutes statutory rape since no minor has the legal capacity to consent to the violation of her body, clearly demonstrates that the despair and suffering of children not only leaves him cold but seems to have become an insane obsession as evidenced by hundreds of his victims in family court, who no doubt will concur with one reader’s comment “Sounds like the dirty judge needs to go to prison also!”
    Judge Wells has now turned my daughter’s custody case IND098669 into a NAZI-style xenophobic witch hunt and “final solution” extermination of a LAWFUL PERMANENT IMMIGRANT MOTHER, following in the footsteps of COMMISSIONER LAWRENCE P. BEST who even helped the perpetrator to fabricate a “deportable offense” by granting him his wish to impose a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDER on my daughter last year for the “criminal” offense of making phone calls to her children in the court-allocated time by which the latter felt “harassed”, then left the phone-contact order in place with the malicious intent of enabling the abuser to file contempt of court charges when he felt “harassed” again. Not to be outdone by his corrupt predecessor, JUDGE WELLS fabricated an order on 5 August 2011, KNOWING the statements to be false, which constitutes blatant FRAUD UPON THE COURT, for which any ordinary citizen would go to jail, falsely claiming that my daughter is an IMMEDIATE FLIGHT RISK, because she is a GERMAN and SOUTH AFRICAN national (true), intentionally omitting that she is also a permanent legal resident of the United States, and despite confirmation provided by both the GERMAN and SOUTH AFRICAN embassies that my daughter’s passports are EXPIRED and she never made any attempt to renew them. As if these blatant lies weren’t enough, he surpassed himself by INVENTING fictitious “deportation proceedings” with the remark “no matter how they come about”, even if it means violating his oath of office and thus committing treason against the US constitution. He ordered no contact with the children and their immediate removal from the dangerous mother’s care. The children had just started their fourteen days with mommy during the summer break and were overjoyed to be back home again, when a corrupt judicial officer maliciously destroyed their happiness and traumatized them once again.
    The transcript of the custody trial in May 2011 proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Judge DALE WELLS blatantly lied, removed evidence that implicated the father, including testimonies of three POLICE OFFICERS, a DEPUTY SHERIFF and another witness, who confirmed the gross verbal and psychological abuse by the perpetrator against my daughter and that his parents absconded with my grandsons for five days in 2010 in violation of the custody order and refused to disclose the whereabouts of the children, excused by JUDGE WELLS as a “mere screw up by the father”, fabricated evidence detrimental to the mother, as confirmed by legal experts who perused the document and recoiled in horror and sheer disbelief at the sheer malice blatantly displayed by this judge. From the perpetrator’s hate speech publicly displayed on his Facebook I WILL NEVER LET THAT BITCH HAVE MY CHILDREN, which Judge Wells vacated as evidence claiming it was not authenticated although the father had admitted it, he concluded that my daughter was the parent “least willing to share custody”. In his “wisdom” he further concluded that the father’s daily drinking habits, confirmed by another witness, did not “impair” him, yet ordered him to abstain from alcohol and drugs 12 hours prior to interacting with the children but leaves primary residence with the father. No person of SOUND MIND, least of all a judge supposed and OBLIGED to rule in the best interest of the child would have made such INSANE decision. In fact, no judge in any other civilized country or developing nation for that matter would ever grant custody of a 2 and 7 year old child to an unemployed convicted-drug manufacturing felon, long-term crystal meth addict, who even peddled drugs to school children, and severe alcoholic.

    Likewise criminal is the fact that JUDGE DALE WELLS bases his custody decisions and malicious destruction of the mother-child bond on his own abnormal childhood experience with his mother, i.e. “when I was 2 and 7 years old I did not need to have contact with my mother three times a day”, the result of which is blatantly obvious.

    My daughter and grandchildren have a fundamental right to maintain and pursue a parent child relationship under the Substantive Due Process Clause of the fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Substantive Due process mandates that the State provides an adequate reason for any deprivation, life liberty or property. U.S Const. Amend XIV!

    JUDGE DALE WELLS and all other individuals involved in this case, including the current presiding judge ELLSWORTH and her predecessor Judge CAHRAMAN of the RIVERSIDE SUPERIOR COURT, who excuse and cover up such judicial malfeasance and criminal conspiracies under the color of law with “exercise of judicial discretion”, have violated and keep violating my daughter’s Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment Rights, as they have seriously violated their oaths of office (note that COMMISSIONER LAWRENCE BEST never even filed his oath with the Secretary of State). “Any judge who does not comply with his oath to the Constitution of the United States wars against that Constitution and engages in acts in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land. The judge is engaged in acts of TREASON”.

    Puerto Rico is up in arms and Maha appeared at the hearing last week with reporters and the media and TV stations in Puerto Rico are constantly reporting about this travesty and so are South Africans.
    This is the chance to expose the carnage in this kangaroo court and we really would be grateful if you could help by distributing the petition and ask other victims of US family courts to PLEASE sign it.

    Kind regards
    Ingrid Blank

  4. I never watched the Simpson trial, because I knew he was guilty and because I knew that he was going to found not guilty. Bribery to the jury.

  5. I thought Marcia Clark was very thorough and competent, but the bribers were not on her side. There was no need for Simpson’s attorneys to be diligent, because they knew that they had already won the case through bribery. Cochrane blaming the detective for racism, had nothing to do with the murder evidence. This was a waste of the court’s time.

  6. Ingrid,

    Don’t you miss Nancy’s site? I certainly do.

    It breaks my heart to hear that this issue is as horrific in South Africa as it is here. I think we need to shift the DV paradigm away from the criminal “justice” system and into the medical and religious communities. The courts don’t know how to deal with narcissistic personality disorder or pit bull abusers.

    Thank you for visiting all the way from South Africa!

    Sending hugs,
    Anne Caroline

  7. Betty,

    Welcome! I enjoy all your “cuz” comments for Jewely on FB, and I’m delighted to find your loving comment here. Hope you’ll come back to visit again.

    Sending hugs,
    Anne Caroline

  8. Hollye,

    Bless you for supporting the Brown family. I often wonder about the children. It seems like their needs and feelings got swept away by the drama and media hype.

    Thanks for your touching comment.

    Sending hugs,
    Anne Caroline

  9. I never thought about possible bribery, Earl. There’s a lot Marcia Clark and the rest of the defense team could have and should have done. She didn’t say much, for example, when OJ put on those gloves. Of course they wouldn’t fit ~ they were soaked in blood and would naturally shrink. I also can’t fathom why they’d put a known racist cop on the stand when he wasn’t even the lead cop on the investigation.

    At the same time, I don’t think that jury would have convicted OJ if they had been eyewitnesses to the murders. You comment does have me wondering whether they were “thanked” by OJ after the trial was over.

  10. I have to agree with you about Marcia Clark, because you are a lawyer and I watched very little of the case. The jury received “thanks” from the “Dream Team” and Simpson. With or without the glove, there was still plenty of evidence to convict Simpson. After the trial, the jury had a party, where do you think the money for the party came from?

  11. Hi again, no – this is NOT happening in South Africa, but in the RIVERSIDE SUPERIOR COURT, INDIO FAMILY COURT in California. My daughter Elena was recruited by the University of California in July 2000 as a researcher after she had obtained her BSc in genetics and psychology, Honors degree in molecular genetics and Master degree in genetics, in 2001 she fell into the clutches of this smooth talking American and married him in August 2001. AFTER the marriage we found out that he is a convicted drug manufacturing felon, meth addict and severe alcoholic, she found the report of his parole officer confirming that he is heavily addicted to street drugs. He married her as a lucrative meal ticket and incubator. While pregnant with my first grandchild in 2002, she had a serious accident in the lab, leaving her with a serious back injury and nerve damage to her leg which put an end to her career and his meal ticket went down the drain. From that moment on he started to abuse her, constantly threatening her to get her deported and she would never see her child again. When she could not take it any longer and demanded a divorce in September 2009, he and his criminal family in Yucaipa, California orchestrated her destruction, he depleted the joint bank account, leaving her and the children penniless and destitute, stopped all payments (mortgage, utilities). She could only obtain Welfare for the children – not for herself because she has the Affidavit of Support, a legal and binding contract the US spouse contracted with the federal government for Elena’s green card and legal permanent residence (she has been a lawful permanent resident since October 2001)under which the US spouse and/or his co-sponsors is liable to support the sponsored immigrant spouse. This was upheld by the court in Indio California in July 2011 and all hell broke loose. This sponsorship contract remains valid AFTER the divorce and only becomes void if the sponsored immigrant leaves the country or DIES. Go figure!!!! And how to deport a legal immigrant mother? He filed a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDER against her in July 2011 (a deportable offense) because he felt “harassed” by the phone calls she makes to her children in the court-allocated time, which was granted by corrupt Commissioner Lawrence Best. After the court upheld the sponsorship contract as a legal and binding contract, he filed for child support and wanted “maximum child support from the blood-sucking immigrant, so that he is no longer dependent on state support” (verbatim)
    This would NEVER happen in South Africa, where specialized family court judges are sitting on the bench and no judge in South Africa would ever give custody to a convicted felon, drug addict and alcoholic.
    That’s why we desperately need help to expose this xenophobic witch hunt and gross human rights abuses to the public and need people to sign the petition.
    I miss Nancy terribly, we became good friends and what interested parties did to her is a crying shame.
    Big hug returned

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  13. You should re submit this story once a year…on todays date. I always light two candles.

  14. Good idea. I don’t republish my posts because they tend to be evergreen (grow in popularity as they age). Thank you for suggesting two candles. I have two angels prominently displayed in my apartment for Ron and Nicole. And, I frequently light candles for both of them.

    Sending hugs and best wishes,
    Anne Caroline

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