Karda$hian$: Enough Already!

Somebody please explain to me the obsessive fascination with all things Kardashian!  Why would anybody want to celebrate the offspring of the guy who got O.J. off a double-murder rap?

Yesterday, Kim announced ~ surprise, surprise ~ that her uber-hyped marriage lasted all of 72 days.  “Careful consideration” ~ gimme a break ~ wasn’t the time for careful consideration before the wedding ~ like maybe when you were more obsessed with selecting china than a mate for life?

Now, today Kris Kardashian Jenner has the audacity to promote her book by admitting that she was too busy with her uber-narcissistic life to be there for Nicole Brown Simpson on the day she was murdered ~ by the guy her ex-husband got off on a double-murder rap.

With BFF’s like the Kardashians, no wonder Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered.  They were murdered by the callous indifference of uber-malignant narcissists long before O.J. slit their throats.  Why doesn’t she leave?  This is why, folks.

Women with breast cancer get “good-bye, Boobie” parties while women with EX-mates who are pit bull abusers get “sorry, I’m too busy.”  We don’t blame women with cancer in their breast for the malignant tumor, but we sure as hell blame women for having the good sense to kick a malignant narcissistic pit bull abuser to the curb.

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman are dead because Kris Kardashian Jenner didn’t give a shit.  And, she wants us to buy her book.  Oh, please!  Enough already!

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