Celebrating Over a Quarter Million Visitors from Over 125 Countries!

This weekend I’m celebrating the quarter million visitor milestone for Navigating Unchartered Waters.  The little blog that started out with just 20 visitors/day on V-Day, 2009 has grown up.  Visitors now come from over 125 countries around the world!

It is a dream come true.  I feel profoundly blessed and humbled by your support and loyalty.

Earl Richards, you keep me honest with your comments.  Julie Owens and Kit Gruelle are a North Carolina duo of brilliance, compassion, wisdom, humor, enthusiasm, competence, faith, and warrior spirit.

Nancy Carroll and Mildred Muhammad, you taught me how it is done with grace and generosity.

Vernetta Cockerham, Barbara Bentley, and Karen Welch you have proven one survivor can make an enormous difference.

Ginny Nicarthy, you are the mother of our movement.  You taught us all and continue to inspire us to do our best.

My Facebook Friends have given me fantastic ideas, tremendous belly laughs, insight, and virtual hugs.  These are the things that fuel my determination to keep this site alive through challenges that were inordinately daunting.

You all have blessed me beyond my wildest dreams, and I am deeply grateful for your support and loyalty.  I wish you all abundant blessings.

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