Bravo! Mildred Muhammad Will Be on Anderson on Friday, April 13

Release your faith, knowing with assurance, that
ALL circumstances will work in your favor today!
– Mildred D. Muhammad

Mildred D. Muhammad, author of Scared Silent and founder of After the Trauma, is the ex-wife of D.C. Sniper John Allen Muhammad.

She will be on Anderson on Friday, April 13.  You can find out when Anderson airs in your area by clicking here.  The listings aren’t totally accurate ~ Anderson is on KING 5 (the Seattle NBC affiliate) at 2:00PM, PDT and on KONG 6/16 (sister station) at 5:00 PM, PDT.  Anderson is Anderson Cooper’s daily talk show rather than his nightly CNN broadcast, Anderson Cooper 360.  Anderson is promoting Ms. Muhammad’s segment:

Anderson speaks with the D.C. Sniper’s ex-wife, Mildred, who reveals the shocking reason behind her former husband’s acts of terror.  He also talks with other women who fell in love… only to learn that their men had violent and sometimes criminal pasts.

Before he became the D.C. Sniper, John Allen Muhammad was a soldier at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WA.  He’s one of the reasons it has been dubbed the “most troubled base” in the military.  Yep.  It is in Pierce County, WA.

Ms. Muhammad has a powerful voice, and I am certain she will inspire you as much as she has inspired me.  If you haven’t yet read Scared Silent, I recommend it highly (link to outstanding video) ~ especially if you are involved in a PAS custody battle and/or are trying to safely extricate yourself from an abusive relationship with someone in the U.S. military.

After the show airs, I will update this post with a link to videos on Anderson’s site.

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2 responses to “Bravo! Mildred Muhammad Will Be on Anderson on Friday, April 13

  1. Anne, I applaud your stance against violence against women. What about violence toward men, fathers, who stay in an abusive relationship/marriage to be with and protect their children? This is far too common but rarely, if ever, talked about or addressed. Your referencing LTC Robert Underwood in your blog was way premature. He has only been accussed, not convicted. Wait until the truth is heard.

  2. Jeannette,

    You have probably noticed that I have deleted your follow-up comments.

    On this site, we celebrate survivors. Because this post celebrates Mildred Muhammad’s enormous achievements, I find your comments to be inordinately misogynistic and grossly inappropriate. Further, I am deeply disturbed by your lack of empathy for the experiences of your fellow survivors.

    I don’t tolerate cyber-bullying. I hope you are able to find a site more suitable to your agenda. I wish you well.

    Anne Caroline

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