Resistance to Change: Gauntlets, Hurdles, Obstacles, and Sabotage

Shared by Shannon Wilson

Shannon Wilson knows a lot about resistance to change.  I remain devastated that her brilliant Rights for Mothers site was removed from the Internet.  It had a wealth of information and resources for protective mothers.

Sometimes allies sabotage our best efforts.  They’ve got their own agendas and self-interests.

I have been a champion for change all my life.  All my life people have been telling me to shut the hell up.  The status quo works for them, and they are resistant to change.  They are experts at creating gauntlets, hurdles, and obstacles and in sabotaging my efforts to soar.

I started and maintain this web site on a shoe string.  I’m fueled by my determination to achieve financial self-sufficiency and to share what I’ve learned to emPOWER those walking in my shoes.

But, there are powerful forces who want me to shut the hell up.  They own the computer I use to write my posts, and they want it back.

You see, dear readers, there’s a lot of vested interest in domestic violence.

Domestic violence is the number one reason people call 9-1-1.  The cops and dispatchers have a vested interest is us not being too safe.  Inevitably, our lives move into the court room.  Attorneys, court clerks, judges, court reporters, bailiffs, guardian ad litums, expert witnesses, domestic violence advocates, and social workers have a vested interest in enabling the legal system to be manipulated as an instrument of abuse.

All this abuse ultimately takes its toll.  Therapists, psychiatrists, and mental health workers have a vested interest in us not getting too emPOWERed.  They’ve got it set up so that their gravy train continues by linking our housing and health care to their mental health services.  We wake up one day and realize the person being paid to help us looks a whole like the person we thought we’d exorcised from our lives.

I’ve noticed that the best domestic violence advocates ultimately move on to another line of work.  They get burned out or fired.  There’s a lot of gold in domestic violence.  Too many people are feeding off the federal government’s teet for these folks to sincerely want to prevent domestic violence or see us become emPOWERed.

What’s this all about?  I started this site three years ago with minimal resources to highlight the systemic dysfunctions, help people navigate a broken system, and share the best practices of those who have walked in our shoes.

But, the computer I use to write is likely going to be recalled by the people being paid to help me achieve financial self-sufficiency.  They want me to shut the hell up.


4 responses to “Resistance to Change: Gauntlets, Hurdles, Obstacles, and Sabotage

  1. Which is harder? Rock or water? A buddhist monk said. We all think the rock. No, the water that continually drops onto the rock ever so lightly, will ALWAYS break the rock.
    Keep your river of knowledge and tears of love flowing, for the rock is bound to break.

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