Humor: Best Antidote to the “Feminazi” Attitudes of Rush Limbaugh and Other Grumpy Old Republican Men

Do these grumpy old men get your motor humming?  There’s a reason ole Rush Limbaugh needs sex tapes from Georgetown law students to get a rush.  No self-respecting woman would join eHarmony to meet a guy like him, and she certainly wouldn’t hop on a Sleep Train or Sleep Number mattress with him.  She might take out a Quicken Loan because they ditched him.  This is why the boycott of his sponsors has achieved immediate success.

Julie Owens cracks me up on Facebook every day.  She uses humor to release tension and gets busy with an effective campaign to garner respect for women.

I was feeling intense angst over the Republican’s war on women when I took a good look at that photo of grumpy old men.  I thought about Rush Limbaugh and realized that contraception will soon become a moot point if these guys’ views prevail.  Julie said we’d need a court order compelling us to have sex.  I think we’d all make like Madea and tell the judge “contempt of court for $1,000, Alex.”  Alternatively, we’d be pounding on the doors of convents.

Our country was founded by people who passionately wanted freedom of religion.  They didn’t want the government dictating our religious beliefs.  I didn’t choose to be a Catholic or a Mormon.  Yet, I feel like I’m being coerced into adopting their religious beliefs.

The world is rich with religions.  As I meet people from different faiths, I find each has elements I find pretty cool.  My faith today is ecumenical ~ a hybrid of beliefs that inspire and guide me to hopefully being the best I can be.

The more you are motivated by love,
the more fearless and free your actions will be.

There are several lawsuits pending to exempt pharmacists and organizations from providing contraceptive services because it violates their religious beliefs.  If they prevail, I hope an enterprising vegetarian grocery store clerk will file a parallel suit allowing them to opt out of ringing up the sale of juicy steaks to these controlling old goats.  I look forward to watching somebody like John McCain admitting to Jay Leno that maybe Super PACs weren’t such a good idea after all.  Gotta love Karma.

Women are finding our voices.  We are demanding and commanding respect.  We are becoming emPOWERed.  And, enlightened men are discovering we think their support and respect is pretty sexy.  We like our men to be strong enough to be gentle ~ true gentle-men.

As this week comes to a close, I want to thank my Facebook friends for their feisty spirits, passion, and humor.  Freedom is a state of mind.  We can each BE who we want to BE.

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