Should We Trust Sky Metalwala’s Daddy?

Sky Metalwala

Although the disappearance of Sky Metalwala is playing out in my backyard, I have  intentionally remained silent because I was waiting to see whether there was a link between Sky’s father Solomon Metalwala and Glenn Sacks, the leader of the PAS movement.
KIRO, the Seattle CBS affiliate, reported tonight that Glenn Sacks and his loyal band of abusive fathers have been lobbying the crap out of Susan Dreyfus at DSHS.  Bingo!

Sky and Solomon Metalwala

Glenn Sacks sounds benign, but he’s an evil bastard who uses junk science and aggressive tactics to compel children to live with abusive fathers.  He teaches men how to manipulate the legal system as an instrument of abuse and to deliver the most devastating wound of all to a protective mother:  taking her children.  I suspected that Mr. Metalwala had been educated by Mr. Sacks when he made early allegations that his ex-wife was a mentally ill slut.  Textbook PAS.
Because so many judges were naive about the PAS movement, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges wrote a judicial guide for child custody cases.

Sky Metalwala

Although Sky’s father has distanced himself from Mr. Sacks’ campaign, he’s certainly been using the PAS playbook quite effectively.
I pray that Sky Metalwala is safe, but I am very much concerned that the press and the police don’t appear to be sophisticated about PAS tactics.  Solomon Metalwala failed his first polygraph.

25 responses to “Should We Trust Sky Metalwala’s Daddy?

  1. how exactly has the father been using the PAS game quite effectively? if you ever heard the conversation between Julia Buryikova and her ex husband which she recorded called Exchange from Hell, it was the mother who is guilty of using the PAS playbook! All the mother’s claims of child abuse, including sexual abuse, against the father were disproven by the police! And if the father was truly as abusive as Julia claimed he was, she would never have wanted her daughter to have been placed under his care, which she wanted to do rather than send her daughter to a foster home! If you ever read Solomon Metalwala’s testimony, he never once said anything derogatory about his ex wife, even calling her the love of his life and complimenting her for her ability to manage money well. The only things he called her out on was her mental illness, which was proven by documents that showed she was involuntarily hospitalized and diagnosed with severe OCD. And not only that, she was also admitted to hospital with a gaf score of 15 which shows how serious her problems truly were. Plus, according to reports, she also threatened to kill herself which was what prompted Solomon to call the police on her. This is not all just according to Solomon’s own words, these are documents that have been obtained by several news outlets. The fact that Solomon’s own words that Julia posed a threat to herself and her children was ignored by the courts and he was barred from seeing his children after the lies said about him shows that he was a victim of his ex here. I think you seem to ignore all the facts and information out there in an effort to demonize the father just because you can’t accept that there are women out there who are completely capable of being the abusers in the family, and Julia is one of them. Solomon has no links or ties to Glen Sacks and has distanced himself from them. To even try to demonize the father just because Glen Sacks group may have taken up his cause is just shameful. That fathers rights group might be full of b.s but that doesn’t mean Solomon is as well.

  2. My daughter was wrongfully awarded to her father because he uses PAS techniques. Parents who malign their childrens’ parents are abusing their own child. It is heartbreaking to see what this has done to my 14yr old. She can’t be happy to be like me, she’s been manipulated into thinking I’m unstable and a bad mother which is completely false. It is a daily struggle that has been going on for 6 years and convincing people that children can be and are manipulated by their parents is extremely difficult. You are ignoring what unfortunately happens all to often in divorces: parents try to get the children on their side, for various reasons, money is high on the list, as well as self agrandisement and retaliation.

  3. While I sympathize with your pain Jen, you have to realize that men can sometimes be the victims of PAS too. I believe Solomon was a victim for the following reasons: in the tape recordings posted by Julia Biryukova, she was the one who maligned the father in front of the children, causing them to react in great distress, it was her who accused the father of sexual abuse against their daughter even though it was later disproved by the police. What’s even more odd is that Julia, after Sky was reported missing, wanted to hand over custody of her daughter to this very person she had accused of sexual abuse rather than allow her to go into state care. One would think that a concerned protective mother who fought with all her might to get a restraining order against the father would not willingly want to hand over her beloved daughter just like that to her supposed abuser. And one would think that a concerned loving and protective mother would never have left or abandoned her sick child in the car because she supposedly ran out of gas, even though this was later disproved by the police. The fact that Julia is already a proven liar, as evidenced by her claims of running out of gas and accusing her ex husband of being a Muslim even though he is actually Christian, makes it hard to believe her claims. Solomon may not be a saint, but he at least, is cooperating with the police and doing all he can to find his son, unlike Julia who continues to frustrate LE with her silence and refusal to cooperate with them. God only knows what she has done with her poor little son.

  4. NO child would ever scream like that about going with their father.. The whole time i listened to that recording it made me think about something.. maybe solomon abuses his children.. I know alot of people with kids their ages, never ever have i ever heard a child scream like that.. only when they are being left at day cares or school by a parent do they scream.. Solomon it seems like is alittle creepy i have seen NO sadness from him, NOT one tear shed. To me it seems like they are more worried about throwing knives at eachother than focusing on finding this little angel. One thing i thought was really odd tho, is that on julia’s facebook the pictures from 3 months ago include a man, the little girl is happy with this man.. is this solomon??? if so why is she screaming like that in the recording.. also not in one of those pictures is SKY?!?!?! yet all of the adults are outside, with the daughter… It seems like the daughter is the apple of julia’s eye.. there are no RECENT pictures of sky with her at all only old ones.. did she get rid of him a long time ago and is just now saying he’s missing?! makes you wonder!!!

  5. Jen,

    I’m sorry to hear what’s happened with your daughter. I’m hoping this story will be the one that brings PAS into the spotlight where it belongs.

    This post was intentionally short because I want people to really think about whether we can trust Solomon Metalwala.

    The issues you have mentioned have been covered in other posts under the tag “litigation abuse” and posts about coping with narcissistic behavior which you’ve already found.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Anne Caroline

  6. Say What,

    You made your naive points in your first comment. Repeating yourself only diminishes your credibility.

    Your critical thinking skills need refinement, and you clearly don’t understand the PAS dynamic.

    Since I expect people to comment in a respectful fashion and to refrain from cyberbullying, I have deleted you last two comments and will continue to remove future comments. There are plenty of “father’s rights” sites where your point of view will be embraced and appreciated.

    Anne Caroline

  7. Amanda,

    I hear you. Solomon seems to be enjoying the spotlight WAY too much. I don’t detect an ounce of genuine concern for Sky.

    Quite frankly, I think the little girl is better off in foster care, and I don’t often make this statement.

    I think both parents know who has Sky. One of them knows whether he is still alive. The other is out of her mind with fear for the safety of her children.

    The unlocked car door is for me the pivotal piece of evidence. A mother with OCD wouldn’t leave a child in an unlocked car ~ wouldn’t leave the car unlocked.

    I debated whether this was one of the most brutal custody cases ever until I started noticing Solomon ~ who is far from sophisticated ~ use the PAS playbook with inordinate finesse. Who was coaching this guy? When Glenn Sacks appeared on the horizon, I knew my first hunch was correct. . .

    My bet is that Solomon tampered with the gas tank ~ moisture in the tank would make the mother think it was empty. The moisture evaporates, and the car is fine in a few days. I think he followed her knowing she couldn’t struggle with two little kids to get help. And, I think he told Sky how to open the door. He left it unlocked to send the mother a message that would terrify the crap out of her: Solomon has Sky.

    I’ve been praying all morning that the custody judge is savvy enough to leave the daughter in foster care. There’s a reason Solomon got supervised visitation. He’s no loving father, choir boy.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Amanda.

    Anne Caroline

  8. I’d like to know what you think about the fact that Maile was SEVERELY underweight and malnourished when taken from Julia’s home (when Solomon had no access to her). How is THAT Solomon’s fault? How is that anyone’s fault other than Julia’s? There’s a trail of legal documents showing that she has a history of not feeding the children when her OCD gets bad. There’s a pattern. And, now Maile shows up severely underweight and malnourished — oh, and it’s not from a health problem; she gained weight quickly once in foster care before being returned to her LOVING father who FEEDS HER. Get your head out of the clouds. Julia’s a bad mother who killed her son.

  9. Rouge,

    You are conveniently ignoring the fact that the onset of the OCD coincided with the abuse that Julia experienced from Solomon. The problem with this case is that too many people lack critical thinking skills and are too lazy to dig into the evidence to figure out what’s really going on.

    I think Solomon knows exactly where his son is, and I think both kids would be better off in foster care.

    Anne Caroline

  10. My ex-brother-in-law (Marine officer) and his court reporter wife,who was married to another man at the time, used PAS effectively along with Orange County family courts.

    His court reporter wife attempted to run my sister down on the freeway with her young son fasten to his car seat. She is a court reporter with the embezzled marital assets.

    Sky Metawala in spirit form stated that his father is a bad man.

    I believe Julia’s (Sky’s mother) assertion of abuse by Solomon.

    Information regarding PAS abuse of the rule law have been pretty much taken off the internet. Noteworthy is Dr. Les Sachs FAQ Sheet on US Judicial and legal corruption, see url:

    For the most part, my sister has experienced this sordid corruption with Orange County Family Courts.


    …”I thought America was a “free country” with the “greatest legal system in the world” – so why is my situation such a difficult problem?

    If you are a new victim of judicial or legal corruption, you will start to realize that America is a very different kind of place, than the way you used to think of it before. You are now confronted with the most hidden and terrible secret about life in modern America.

    Regarding the American legal system, it is not like they told you in the schoolbooks when you were a child. It is not like the way they picture it in Hollywood movies, or on American television shows.

    It is not like what you see in the news media, in a few cases when famous millionaires are on trial, and millions of dollars are being spent, and TV cameras are rolling, and reporters from around the world are watching everything that happens. Judges and lawyers behave very differently in those small number of legal cases that get high publicity.

    On the other hand, in the vast majority of American legal cases, below the media radar screen, what happens is often very sordid and sleazy. Sometimes judges and lawyers commit crimes in broad daylight. Judges ignore the facts, ignore the law, ignore the truth and ignore justice. Lawyers cut sleazy deals and sell out their own clients. Bribery is commonplace.

    There are courtrooms where judges and lawyers scream like lunatics at their victims, where judges and lawyers tell lies and plant false evidence, and no one says a word to fight them. Innocent people get sentenced to prison, or even to be strapped to a table and put to death; or people are told they will be sent to jail unless they pay extortion money to friends of the judge. Judges are hiring thugs to engage in extortion and intimidation against other people. Fake trials are held, where both “sides” of lawyers help the judge conduct a fake trial against the victim.

    In fact, the best way for rich people to get away with committing felony crimes in America, is to get a judge to be part of the gang of criminals – because they almost never prosecute a judge, even when there is clear proof the judge is a criminal.

    Yes, it is really that bad.” ….

  11. Noteworthy:

    Marine Officer had kidnapped toddler son, and made his way to Florida, whereby he and his mother had locked up toddler in a small closet.

    Marshall’s collected son, and found him in the closet in his waste, and mal-nourished and dehydrated.

    Marine and his mother were NOT ARRESTED, why NOT?

    The list of assaults is ENDLESS and continues.

    When will my sister and her son get JUSTICE, I bet NEVER as all women who are victims of PAS, AND a CORRUPTED JUDICIAL SYSTEM, especially as in this case, connected with the Illuminati. To date, my nephew will NOT TRAVEL away from home.

    Interesting that PAS has a muscled long arm into European countries.

  12. I had a vision where I saw Solomon Metawala strangling Sky – Sky was kicking profusely, and screaming at Julia to help him.

    Solomon may a slip that he believes that Sky had been missing since may – Sky was murdered in May – his ghost has been with me, since then. He attempted to live with a psychic in Bellvue Washington, interesting her website is no longer up.

    I believe Sky is now at the bottom of Sammamish Lake
    (the stinkiest part of the Lake).

    I plan to drive up, and retain divers to pan the Lake for his body.

    Irene Rodriguez


  13. Sky Metawala HATES HIS PARENTS.

    Why did they MURDER HIM?

    Yes, Sky states his parents strangled him – his mother first, but could not do it, then Solomon.

    His remains lies under a tall tree (Bridle Veil) – it’s a cay that dumps out to the river. We went to retreive his remains, but Sky was not ready for this. We are going to make another attempt, before he is born again.



  14. I found this news tidbit, and clearly shows SOLOMON AS BEING PHYSICALLY AND VERBALLY ABUSIVE. I also believe there is tremendous bias DISPLAYED BY THE INVESTIGATORS AND THE MEDIA, EXCEPTION IS THIS MEDIA.

    …”Biryukova also accused Solomon of beating both children with a wooden spoon.
    Sue Jewett, a lay pastor at City Church, stopped being the go-between for the couple because it became too difficult, the documents said.
    The two women later claimed that they figured out why. After a November 2010 visit, “Sky had a bright red mark on his lower back, hip and upper buttocks,” said Jewett in the documents. “Julia noticed the injury when she put Sky in the bath shortly after he returned from visiting Solomon. A few days later, Maile independently told Julia and I that Solomon got mad at Sky because Sky was crying and he hit him.”
    Jewett recorded brief conversations with their daughter, Maile, and also during custody exchanges. On one tape, Maile is heard describing how she, Sky and Julia were hit by Solomon whenever they were “bad” while they resided in their condominium.
    “This little girl became so desperate for help during these painful transitions that she began praying to Jesus for relief, to no avail, when her father picked her up. Maile averred that she gets spanked on her buttocks, legs and stomach while her father tells her that he does not love her,” a psychiatrist testified.” …

  15. An Aug. 27, 2010 CPS investigation determined that the allegations of abuse and neglect against Biryukova were unfounded.

  16. Ms. Rodriguez,

    Thank you for this input. VERY interesting. I don’t think the media is as much biased as they are totally ignorant of the dynamics in these situations. It doesn’t help that there is tremendous corruption in the Bellevue PD. They’ve had a series of officers and at least one chief who were caught engaging in DV behind closed doors.

    When this story first broke, I tried and failed to bring Deborah Horn at KIRO up to speed. She’s the most informed reporter in the area on the issue of DV and child abuse, but she seriously wasn’t able to comprehend what I was trying to share. It’s sad because anyone who understands the dynamic knows that Solomon is likely guilty as hell.

    Thank you for your interest in this story. It is one that continues to haunt me.

    Sending hugs and best wishes,
    Anne Caroline

  17. Thank you Anne for the Loves.

    The above extrapolations is from

    “Missing toddler’s parents alleged abuse, neglect against each other | Part 2”

    By Matt Phelps
    Monday, November 28, 2011 4:33pm

  18. Anne

    YOUTUBE has many testimonies of VICTIMS. More and more stemming from FREEMASONS.

    The exploitation of the Hampstead children is QUITE THE OUTRAGE.


  19. Solomon is Pakistani.

    They SACRIFICE THEIR FIRST SON (murder), apparently as Jews and other religions.


    We clearly see that today.

    It’s like you’re the WOMAN, so IT’S ALWAYS ALL YOUR FAULT.

  20. I have been getting VISIONS – maps per se as to where Sky’s remains may be. He use to be in Bridle Trails as one psychic felt his presence there as her daughter.

    Well, I have been diligently scoping GOOGLE MAPS (SATELLITE MAPS) – triangulated the landmarks various psychics have seen and the red barn, and a few landmarks concurred with my visions.

    The maps last night was more vivid and it points in the vicinity of Bridle Trails, but also along the 520, that is, Washington PARK Arboretum UAW BOTANIC. It has the vaginal fallopian depiction of the inlay and a cay which leads to Lake Washington.

    I am hoping my BOOK proceeds yields all the dollars needed for my long list of projects to do. Top priority is Sky. I plan to retain this group in Washington State not too far from Seattle to use their sonar equipment to look for his remains and one other place between Yarrow Point and Hunts Point.

    Since the Police Investigators, do not seem interested – I shall take my ghost son home with me, and bury him there with his toys and plenty of warm New Zealand Sheep blankets. Soon thereafter, have him born again along with his ghost sister (my ghost daughter).

    I don’t care what people think, but I can see the dead as well as talk to them.

    Psychic and Landmarks, I feel is on point is

    The Angel, the Red Barn (I believe Sky was here first and ALIVE). Later moved to Bridle Trails, and now at the UAW Botanic Arboretum.

  21. Caroline:
    Do you know of anyone who would investigate this? I have been dreaming of where Sky Metawala’s remains may be. Today is Thursday, March 28, 2019 2:29 in the afternoon.

    His remains lies in that body of water located in front of Washington Park Arboretum UW Botanic Gardens, Arboretum Drive East, Seattle, WA (I typed in at google maps Washington Park Arboretum UW). Why? My previous dreams guided me starting at where he was last alive, that is, Bridle Trails and Marymoor Park.

    His remains is in the water triangulating UW botanic Gardens Arboretum UW, WSDOT Peninsula, and Beaver Lodge Sanctuary – looking at google map, it’s that body of water that looks like two teeny islands.


    Irene Rodriguez

  22. I called the Missing Exploited Children and conveyed to them the above information. Might get IGNORED.

  23. Today is December 15, 2021 – two or three years ago, Sky Metawala’s remains have been moved.

    I hope to get my embezzle funds for Christmas – I shall then drive to where Sky’s bones are, and retrieve them along with Sky and his ghost siblings residing with me.

    This Christmas I hope to be the happiest for all of my GHOST CHILDREN, as with the funds, I plan to make their DREAMS COME TRUE – born again.

    All the children with me, are victims of severe physical and emotional abuse.

    I believe the numbers are approaching the trillions or surpasses that number of children born into torture, so why do they continue to allow these psychos to have them.

  24. Today is January 20, 2022.

    Sky’s body has been moved.

    I wrote a book a few years ago to raise the funds to do as follows:

    (1) Retrieve his remains. Sky since his death with the help of his ghost sister to keep his body from moving into the main body of water, where eventually leads to the ocean.

    At TWO YEARS old, he and his sister are remarkably INTELLIGENT. They come home muddy, wet, and laughing.

    I know where his remains are to date, and it trianulate three freeways in the Redmond vincinity.

    I made profits from my book, and someone postured as my husband and manager – stated he is borrowing the funds.

    I hope he honors his word and returns the funds soon.

    Will retrieve sky.

    (2) I have SIX GHOST CHILDREN now, and all want to be reborn.

    Funds shall pay for six sperm donors six egg donors, and six surrogates.

    I shall also retained body guards for all of my children once they are born.

    (3) Purchase a home.

    (4) Enjoy our lives together.

    I believe that BB and his wife now DB shall continue their murder attempts and bully stalking, so we have to move out of the United States.

    BYW, upon death, your health remains as such and YOU REMEMBER EVERYTHING.

    When a SOUL is REBORN, they NO LONGER SUFFER THE ILLNESS THEY DIED WITH. Though memories of their past lives may seep in.

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