A Week of Snow in Seattle

On January 14, 2012, it started to snow in Seattle.  I noticed the world was a soft black and white.

One of the things I most love about living in Seattle is that it snows about once a year.  It’s pretty.  It isn’t cold outside.  The snow remains pristine because it melts before the soot can collect.

We rarely get two days of snow.  The snow this year, however, kept falling for days.

By the time it finally stopped on January 18, the trees seemed to be saying, “enough already!”  A lesson in moderation from Ma Nature, eh?

Still, there’s something mystical and magical in the splendor of towering evergreens blanketed in snow at midnight.  These beautiful trees endured the ice that followed with grace and strength.

Now, it is all melting.  Our annual gift from Ma Nature ended about the same time most of us started to get cabin fever.  For the rest of the year, our snow will remain in the mountains where it belongs.

Happy Birthday, Kiwi Mary!


2 responses to “A Week of Snow in Seattle

  1. How absolutely beautiful that is Coach! Just heavenly and oh so magical. Wish I was there with you! Rita Anita Linger

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