11-11-11: Wearing Purple & Free at Last

Bitzie Dressed to Express

Tonight I’m celebrating my 400th post with Bitzie curled up next to me and wearing her purple.  We are celebrating the veteran survivors of wars fought with the terrorists in our own homes.
In October, I wrote 31 survivor stories and invited everyone to wear purple to express their commitment to end domestic violence and child abuse.  Yet, I wondered why we don’t campaign instead for safe homes and pledge to treat each other with dignity, respect, and love.
These purple butterflies seemed the perfect way to celebrate survivors, and I used this photo as the logo for my survivor stories.

On November 1, I crashed and took time off to celebrate achieving a challenge that was equal parts exhilarating and exhausting.  On an Artist’s Date back to the places I photographed last spring, I captured the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in the fall.


I ran into a treasured colleague and champion who urged me to engage in some lobbying on behalf of people who have fallen between the cracks as the result of recent budget cuts.  I am happy to report that the effort was successful, and we’ve started stitching together a new safety net. 

Nineteen years ago tonight, I wasn’t safe at home.  The judge had sheriff’s deputies come to our home to beat me for his pleasure and enjoyment.  He wanted to prove that he could deprive me of my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

In the process, he destroyed his own dreams.  Karma is a bitch with a bad attitude.

My life tonight is rich with friends and colleagues who are loyal, funny, inspiring, strong, brilliant, clever, empathetic, compassionate, successful, loving, courageous, intriguing, and reliable.  They are healthy people with deep integrity.  I have created bonds of sisterhood with my spiritual family.  We celebrate our joys together and comfort each other through life’s challenges.

Every day I treasure the people who follow my blog and leave comments.  We are joined in a mission to create safe homes for everyone. . .to treat each other with dignity and respect. . .to love unconditionally.

May you all be blessed abundantly with love, joy, safe havens, health, and prosperity!


One response to “11-11-11: Wearing Purple & Free at Last

  1. Just loved your article…it was a virtual smogasbord of visual beauty, written illumination, and reflection. You are one beautiful woman, and the gifts you bring to your readers through your words and pictures bringing such clarity and hope to all of us who read your blogs. Thank you so very much for all you do! Rita Anita Linger

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