J2J Day 13: Spring Snow in the Mountains Where It Belongs

When I lived in Chicago, I got weary of snow ~ especially when it was still snowing when the calendar said it was Spring.  Out here in the Pacific Northwest, I am fond of seeing the snow in the mountains where it belongs.  On a clear day, my heart sings when I see mountains in my rear view mirror, mountains through my windshield, and water all around.  At sunset or sunrise, the views are pure heaven.

Yesterday was a glorious Spring day, and I was fortunate to have my camera in the car.  The above photo is of the Cascade peaks.  This post will give you a 180 degree view of a clear day from almost anywhere in the North Sound region of Washington State.  The names of the mountains change in the South Sound, but the views are equally fantastic.

This photo is of Mt. Baker from Marine View Drive in Everett, WA.  The trees are in bloom.  The mountain is out.  Gorgeous.

I’ve often driven Marine View Drive without stopping.  This is the entrance to Legion Park.  You can see the Olympic Mountains in the distance.  Puget Sound is at the bottom of the cliff.

Today I discovered on the Internet that there’s an arboretum within the park.  Who knew?  Time to expand my horizons and venture out, eh?

The majesty of the Olympic mountains always takes my breath away.

Who wouldn’t want to live at the edge of this park?  This is why I love the Pacific Northwest in Spring.

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