The Donald’s Media Circus

Donald Trump appears to be taking over the arrogant, narcissistic, bully (pun intended) pulpit media space formerly occupied by Charlie Sheen.  The man isn’t happy unless the spotlight is shining brightly on him as he pontificates.  This morning a reporter compared him to a carnival barker.

I’m beyond weary of the perpetual racist suggestion that President Barack Obama somehow isn’t a U. S. citizen.  And, I’m dumbfounded that someone who got a B.S. from Wharton (without honors) could or would have the audacity to challenge the intellectual rigor of someone who was editor-in-chief of the Harvard Law Review and taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago.  That’s the intellectual stratosphere in the practice of law.

President Obama wasn’t the first person in his family to attend Harvard.  He’s what Ivy League snobs call a “legacy” student.  In other words, his daddy went to graduate school at Harvard.

Now, can we all turn to issues that are relevant to a presidential campaign?  You know.  The economy.  Jobs.  Oil speculation.  Unrest in the Middle East.

Update:  The Obama used humor to put these issues to rest with The Donald.  You can watch the video of the hysterical jokes he told at the White House Press Corp event by clicking here.  The video of  President Obama’s “birth” is a hoot.  Who knew he was such a talented comic?

2 responses to “The Donald’s Media Circus

  1. Thanks, Helen. When I first heard this on my car radio, my blood pressure went through my sunroof. Obama used wicked humor ~ as did many others ~ at the White House correspondent’s dinner to give The Donald some well-deserved jabs. I added a link to the video for those looking for a good belly laugh.

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