Third Deadly Case of Domestic Violence in Pierce County, WA in Less than a Week

Three more people are dead today due to domestic violence in Pierce County, WA.  Where the hell are the mainstream media’s investigative reporters?  How many dead bodies have to pile up before they get their heads out of their butts and realize something is drastically wrong in Pierce County’s domestic violence system?

KING5 continues their highly irresponsible practice of suggesting potential domestic violence victims call the DV hotline for help.  I sent their news room the link to the Everett Herald’s investigative piece that reported that almost every person murdered by a domestic violence perpetrator had sought help.  The fatality review had been conducted by the Washington Coalition Against Domestic Violence over 13 years.

Clearly, calling the DV Hotline isn’t an effective survival strategy.  The Address Confidentiality Program is highly effective, but the mainstream media won’t tell potential victims that it exists.  Why?

1100 block of 178th St. Ct. East in Spanaway, WA

You’d think that all the reporters covering today’s murder-suicide might be wondering what’s wrong in Pierce County.  Domestic violence was fatal in three households in less than a week, and the SWAT team was called out for a fourth case in which a two-year-old child was held hostage.  Two of the cases were in the Roy-Eatonville area, and two of the cases involved soldiers.

KING5 reported that early this morning a state trooper on his way home observed a speeding car.  The high-speed chase lasted for 10 miles and ended with the car being “driven on its rims with sparks flying.”  (see top photo of the Ford Focus)

When the pursuit ended, KOMO reported the driver David F. Stewart (38) had shot himself and his passenger Kristy S. Sampels (38) was also dead.  The driver was based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord as an active-duty Army medic; he had served two tours in Iraq according to the Seattle Times.  News reports are conflicting regarding whether Ms. Sampels had been shot.  Many reported her body was “emaciated.”  The Seattle Times reported that autopsies are scheduled for tomorrow.

Jordan Stewart

When police arrived at the couple’s home in Spanaway, WA, they found the dead body of six-year-old Jordan Stewart and a trashed house.

The Tacoma News Tribune reported that Ms. Sampels’ 10-year-old daughter Sydney is safe with family in Oregon.  The paper gave details of her Jordan’s death that weren’t available from other news outlets:

The boy was found dead and wrapped in a blanket with a plastic bag over his head.  Investigators do not yet know how he was killed.
They also reported that Ms. Sampels had been shot in the head.

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