Three Cases of Domestic Violence in Pierce County, WA in One Weekend

Why did I watch the news tonight (Sunday)?  I had such a pleasant day.

For a moment, I thought the reporters couldn’t get their facts straight.  Even I couldn’t fathom that there could possibly be two cases of domestic violence murders in the Roy-Eatonville area of rural Pierce County, WA in one weekend.  Toss in a SWAT stand-off on Sunday, and it is just more than I can process.  [On Tuesday, three more people were killed by a domestic violence perpetrator stationed at Joint Base Lews-McChord.]

According to KOMO (Seattle’s ABC affiliate) and the Seattle TimesBarbara Ann Clayton has been arrested for the murder of her boyfriend Curtis Giffin, age 51, in Roy on Friday.   Ms. Clayton’s 13-year-old daughter was in the home when the murder took place and called police.

Today, all the local media outlets are reporting a murder-suicide in the Roy-Eatonville area.  This time Hector Estrada (57) allegedly shot Yolanda G. Patchin, his 47-year-old live-in girlfriend, before turning the gun on himself.  A KOMO reporter said on air ~ they didn’t publish this ridiculous comment on-line ~ that it had been awhile since we’d heard this kind of tragedy in Pierce County.

Bullshit.  In a case of chilling similarity, Georgia Gunzer was murdered in January by her ex-boyfriend while their 10-year-old daughter was having a slumber party.   According to the Seattle Times, four kids ranging in age from 10 to 15 were present during the murder-suicide in Roy on Sunday.  The couple’s 11-year-old child called police.  And, in another chilling similarity, KOMO reported that Sgt. Nick Hausner responded to the call.

Sgt. Hausner was wounded when he responded to 16-year-old Bryona Crable’s call for protection from her abusive daddy on December 21, 2009.  Sgt. Hausner’s partner Deputy Kent Mundell was murdered by Bryona’s daddy, and she is credited for saving Sgt. Hausner’s life.

SWAT Team Called to Puyallup in DV Standoff

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to write yet another post about the dysfunction in Pierce County.  If the folks who live in Pierce County don’t care enough to raise hell, why should I?  But, the news went on to report a soldier slipping away from a SWAT team after shooting at his wife and holding their two-year-old daughter hostage.  Seriously, folks.  WTF does it take?

Local news outlets have reported that a soldier who recently returned from his second tour of duty in the Middle East allegedly shot at his wife and held their two-year-old daughter hostage Sunday evening in Puyallup.  Yep.  That’s Pierce County.  Home to the late Georgia Gunzer.

See:  Third Deadly Case of Domestic Violence in Pierce County, WA in Less than a Week

4 responses to “Three Cases of Domestic Violence in Pierce County, WA in One Weekend

  1. I have never been to Pierce Co. Washington, but I have been to similar counties in Kansas and California. Domestic violence is rampant in seemingly wonderful communities across this nation. The difference between our country and some other countries is, we can speak our minds without fear of being shot or battered by the government. It is individual “crazies” in America who think they are in control of others.
    I appreciate your speaking out, and I am glad I subscribe to your blog.

  2. Just wanted to tell you thanks so much from the Curtis Giffin family. He is my older brother, and this has rocked my family to the core. Curtis was a mere 14 years older than me, I always looked up to him for everything. There is not a day that goes by that I will not miss him. When my mom told me about what happened, of course I did not believe her. Then my husband got online and the first thing we saw was your blog. It was sureal. I’m hope his death was not in vain, and thanks to your blog…I don’t see that happening. Thanks again and God Bless You!!

    Shelly Lockhart
    Springfield, MO

  3. Ms. Lockhart,

    Please forgive me for my delayed response to your comment. I am SO sorry for the loss of your brother. Men aren’t typically the victims in domestic violence cases. So, I think this makes the loss of a beloved brother than much more difficult.

    There will be a 5K walk/run for domestic violence on May 14 in Pierce County. I will walk for your brother. If you haved a photo of him, I would gladly post whatever memorial you and your family would like to make to celebrate his life.

    Actually, I think change is coming. . .slowly. . .in Pierce County. The public relations officer who minimizes domestic violence in Pierce County is under intense scrutiny for falling asleep ~ while being paid to be on duty ~ when he should have been issuing an Amber alert. I would urge your family to look into whether officials responded properly and timely in your brother’s case.

    The 5K walk/run will give us an opportunity to have a “chat” with the folks who are getting paid to protect folks, but don’t. I’m in the middle of a major move, but I will be back to my blog tomorrow (Monday). My first priority is to finish my post about the 5K. I will dedicate it to your brother.

    Sending extra hugs,
    Anne Caroline

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