David Lanz: The Liverpool Trio’s Benefit for Womencare Shelter in Bellingham, WA on 12/12/10 @ 3:00PM

The Liverpool Trio, © Carole May

David Lanz is a prince of a guy and an amazing pianist and composer.  Cristofori’s Dream, a tribute to the man who invented the piano 300 years ago, was #1 on Billboard for 27 weeks.  East of the Moon was nominated for a Grammy in 2000.  His latest CD and DVD is Liverpool: Re-Imagining the Beatles by the Liverpool Trio:  David Lanz on piano, Gary Stroutsos on flutes, and Walter Gray on cello.

The Trio will be performing a benefit concert for Womencare Shelter on December 12, 2010 at 3:00 PM at the Amadeus Project in Bellingham, Washington.  Mr. Lanz will be playing his classics and holiday music, and the Trio will play selections from their CD.

©  BHP Images

David Lanz’ music is very healing.  He is the spokesperson for the American Music Therapy Association.  In a YouTube video celebrating the Liverpool CD and DVD, Mr. Lanz shared intimate thoughts about creating music:

One of the reasons I became a musician was a way to deal with emotional issues. . .I transform them into soothing melodies.  It is a way to take some of those rough edges and some of those less than beautiful emotions and turn them into something that is a little softer.

Stress is really what causes most of our disease. . .The music I do. . .is healing. . .relaxing. . .unplug. . .

The best ideas that I get are in those moments when I’m not thinking.  The music can really help ~ it kind of creates that mood ~ all of a sudden you’re not thinking about your life ~ you’ve unplugged.  Then, your soul has a chance ~ the muse has a chance to come in. . .it is a spiritual process.  You have to put yourself in this moment and jump.  You might crash and burn or you might learn how to fly.  If you learn how to fly, it’s great.

© Carole May

The Liverpool Trio unplugged after recording most of their new CD/DVD by taking a pilgrimage to Liverpool.  My friend and colleague Carole May was their tour guide and photographer.  She took this photo of Mr. Lanz at Strawberry Fields.  Mr. Lanz recalled:

I will never forget the time spent in Liverpool: the drive down Penny Lane, standing by the gate at Strawberry Fields . . . all giving new meaning and greater dimension to the music of the Beatles.

Ms. May has created a listening room on Mr. Lanz’ website.  You can hear segments of David’s songs before you decide which CD or DVD you wish to purchase.  I’m fairly certain you will instantly recognize his music.

You can see more of Ms. May’s photos at her website:  Carole May Images.


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