Please Vote: Jimmie Briggs for GQ’s Better Men Better World Search



V-Day’s Eve Ensler is asking us to vote for V-Men’s Jimmie Briggs in GQ’s The Better Men Better World search. 

Mr. Briggs is a gentle giant, shy, award-winning journalist who co-founded The Man Up Campaign, a global movement to end violence against women and girls: 

Most men don’t rape women, they don’t hurt women or even use misogynistic language, but they do stand by.  They don’t see this issue as their issue.  The see it as a women’s issue, but it is all of our issue. 

Man Up to End the Cycle of Violence

Mr. Briggs’ vision is to teach young people that violence against women is not cool.  He believes everybody needs to stand up ~ Man Up ~ to break the cycles of violence.  Man Up was launched in September 2009 at the Clinton Global Initiative in collaboration with Vital Voices.  Under the Man Up umbrella, he has gathered together a survivor powerhouse from President Bill Clinton to Eve Ensler as you can see in this photo from the ManUp launch:

Alyse Nelson (Vital Voices), Jimmie Briggs (Man Up Campaign), Hibaaq Osman, Ricky Martin, Joanne Sandler (UNIFEM), Jennifer Buffett (NoVo Foundation), Peter Buffett (NoVo Foundation), Eve Ensler (V-Day)

Voting ends on September 30, 2010.  To vote for Mr. Briggs, click here.  That link will take you to the Gentlemen’s Fund web page.  Look for the Better Men Better World logo in the middle of the page and click on the word “vote:”

My vote confirmation got caught in my Spam filter.  Mr. Briggs is in second place today with 29% of the vote.  So, please repost this on your own blog ~ let’s get out the vote to tell the world domestic violence prevention is a priority!

Bravo, Mr. Briggs!  Bravo!


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