Celebrating 50,000 Visitors with New Look & Expanded Features


When I started this website, I never dreamed that 50,000 folks would visit!  Wow!  I’m humbled ~ especially since the shizza in my life this past year has presented some fierce obstacles. 

My father passed away five years ago today.  It seemed like an auspicious day ~ Bastille Day ~ to sail away into uncharted waters.  I love the image of Lady Liberty and the fact that she was a gift from France.  So, I hope y’all will join me in celebrating our freedom and liberation from abuse.  We are Silent No More!  

WordPress has offered new themes which allow bloggers to nest pages.  I’ve had my eye on this theme for a few weeks, and I’m hoping it will allow visitors to more easily Navigate Uncharted Waters to find the information, inspiration, and resources they need to survive, thrive, and find joy. 

I’m going through my almost 250 posts, adding links to subsequent posts, editing categories, and posting annotated links on my web pages.  I’m going to apologize in advance for the inconvenience and mess during reconstruction.  In the end, I hope I will be able to present you all with a map you can easily navigate. 

Please leave a comment if there is a category of posts you would like to see clustered together on a page.  Please give any feedback that will make it easier for you to use this site.  If you have suggestions for page or category names, I’d love to hear them. . .especially those that continue the sailing theme.  The new features haven’t made all my dreams come true, but I’m thrilled with the new tools. 

There will be a new page for the shizza many of you are sadly experiencing in our “justice” system. 

Thanks everyone for visiting and leaving comments.  Your support has meant the world to me! 

May y’all be blessed abundantly!

4 responses to “Celebrating 50,000 Visitors with New Look & Expanded Features

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  2. i am sorry for your loss.


    as far as “There will be a new page for the shizza many of you are sadly experiencing in our “justice” system. ”

    count me in.

  3. Thank you. There are two new pages that I think you’ll like ~ one deals with litigation abuse, and the other is about narcissists, bullies, and jerks ~ have a feeling you can relate to both.

    It has been fun going through my old posts and trying to organize them in a way they might be useful. But, it is time-consuming as all get out. LOL ~ I’ve been working for almost 12 hours ~ got through two months.

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