Charlie Sheen & John Michael Farren: Bad Boys Held Accountable for Domestic Violence!!!

John Michael Farren

It’s a bad day for bad boys!  Rich, powerful bad boys have been able to beat the women in their lives with impunity for centuries.  No more!

John Michael Farren, former deputy White House Council during the George W. Bush Administration, nearly bludgeoned his wife Skadden Arps attorney Mary Margaret to death on January 6, 2010 in New Canaan, CT.  Major media outlets ignored the story until it was picked up by The Washington Post.

According to The Stamford Times, Mrs. Farren received a $4.1 million divorce settlement in April.  Mr. Farren was allowed by Judge Barbara Brazzel-Massaro to keep enough money to post bond and pay his attorneys.

On Monday, Mr. Farren posted $750,000 bond and was released to the Institute of Living in Hartford, a mental health facility, by Judge Richard Comerford.  When Mr. Farren completes treatment, he will be released into the custody of a relative and be required to wear a GPS monitor to assure he does not violate the restraining order which prohibits him from contacting Mrs. Farren, their children, or any of her relatives.

Charlie Sheen’s Sweet Deal Goes Up in Smoke

Bev Campbell, the Useful Public Service administrator in Pitkin County, CO, must not be a fan of Charlie Sheen.  According to the Aspen Times, she derailed a sweet community service deal cooked up by Mr. Sheen’s attorneys that would allow him to essentially serve time coaching actors at Theatre Aspen. 

Ms. Campbell decided community service wasn’t strict enough.  She ruled Mr. Sheen should be placed in the more restrictive Useful Public Service program which entails supervision by jail officials, a ban on smoking, and no pizza breaks.  Mr. Sheen is a chain smoker.  Sheriff Bob Braudis upheld Ms. Campbell’s decision.

Mr. Sheen, a serial domestic violence perpetrator, is charged with felony menacing for threatening to kill his wife Brooke Mueller on Christmas, 2009 in Aspen.

His first victim was Kelly Preston, who is now married to Oprah pal John Travolta.  Was it a coincidence that Oprah’s producers repeated the show featuring Denise Richards‘ allegations of domestic violence against Mr. Sheen last week?  I think not.

Bravo, Bev Campbell!  Bravo!

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