Squirrelizer: Nutty About Squirrels


Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve seen the infamous vacation squirrel in Banff National Park, Canada.

Some clever person has created a web site allowing us to squirrelize our own photos.  Mashable squirrelized 10 iconic photos.

My favorite author Susan Wiggs squirrelized a photo with her editor on her blog.


In the realm of shameless plugs, Susan’s Tudor Rose Trilogy will be re-issued soon.  At the King’s Command comes out this month; The Maiden’s Hand in September; and At the Queen’s Summons in October.  On her web site, Susan explained:

These books were researched and written when the Information Superhighway was a mere goat track. But the themes and storylines are timeless, exemplifying the things that have always been important to me, both as a reader and a writer: fiercely honest emotion, ordinary people experiencing extraordinary challenges, passion and adventure, and of course, a satisfying ending.

Y’all know I’m nutty about squirrels.  So, while I’m waiting for a call from the fair housing folks to see if the ridiculous retaliatory eviction for feeding squirrels is going to stick, I thought I’d post a couple photos of squirrels gone nutty.

Susan Wiggs squirrelized this photo of Bitzie and teased me about my lack of techno-savvy:  “So easy, even a kitty can do it!”


This next photo is of a disAbled female squirrel.  It appears she was in a fight for her life.  Her right eye doesn’t open completely, and she struggles to be mobile.  If you look closely, you can see the scar on her thigh.  I admire her because she is clever and resourceful, determined and persistent, and very, very brave.  She’s a survivor.  She frequently uses my plant stands like a crutch to stablize her body while she eats.

disAbled Squirrel

Although my landlord isn’t big on making reasonable accommodation for disAbled tenants, I’m committed to helping this little girl survive until she recovers enough to thrive and find joy.  She’s already able to climb trees and gather material for her nest.  You go, little girl!

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