Artist’s Date: Edmonds, WA

Approaching Edmonds, WA on ferry

Approaching Edmonds, WA on ferry

 Edmonds, WA brags that it is the “nicest town on the Sound.”  It is north of Seattle on Puget Sound and home to Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door and to terminals for the ferry and Amtrak.  There is an underwater park popular with scuba divers from around the world.  When the tides are extremely low, we all get to see the starfish, anemone, and moon snails that call the waters beneath the ferry dock home.

Edmonds Gazebo
Edmonds Gazebo

The gazebo is the centerpiece of a beautiful rotunda at Fifth and Main.  Each Saturday in the summer, Edmonds has a farmer’s market.

Edmonds Farmer's Market

To celebrate my 10th anniversary in Washington State and the 6th month anniversary of this humble little web site, I treated myself to an artist’s date in Edmonds.

Folks in Edmonds love their flowers.  They are everywhere in gorgeous displays that change with the seasons.  As you can see, vendors at the farmer’s market sell amazing bouquets of flowers at unbelievable prices.  I bought two and filled my apartment with flowers.


Julie & Julia had just opened at the Edmonds Theater which is a wonderful old fashioned theater with a balcony and stadium seating.  Rick Steves holds many of his free travel seminars there.

Edmonds Theater

I had hoped to see Julie & Julia that day, but I ran out of time because I had an appointment with my wonderful hairdresser Raquel.  She made this old girl look pretty good, eh?


I brought a lemon cucumber and a fabulous peach from the farmer’s market as a treat for Raquel.  She’s eating healthy and getting very svelte and sexy.  The organic farmer selling the lemon cucumber said it tasted like lemon, but my palate couldn’t discern the difference from a regular cucumber.  It looks pretty cool though, eh?

Lemon Cuke & Peach

Thank you all for visiting my humble little site, leaving your comments, and helping me achieve my goal of 5,000 visitors before my 6th month anniversary!




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