AGT Fans: Kari Callin Has a Web Site & Fan Club!


Along with a standing ovation, singers with voices of angels typically get huge bouquets of flowers from their fans at the end of their performances.  This is my virtual bouquet for Kari Callin to honor her talent and the joy she brought to her fans around the world.

The America’s Got Talent judges and producers all let us down by not bringing her back.  At this juncture of the season, it is clear that her star power far exceeded many of the sorry acts that did get put through to the finals.

Yet, Kari is resilient.  She has grace and charm to match her amazing talent.  And, now she’s got a web site and blog where her fans can keep in touch with her.  You can join in by clicking here.  When you do, you’ll be able to see and hear Kari sing.

She’s got her first gig, but you’ll have to visit her web site to find out when and where you can hear Kari Callin sing again!

We all wish you well, Kari,  I was sorry to read about your cat.  I love my Bitzie and know how hard it is to bid farewell to a beloved cat.

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