Lorena’s Red Wagon

Lorena Gallo

Lorena who?

You probably know her by her married name:  Lorena Bobbitt.  She’s the one who “bobbed” her husband’s “manhood.”

In 1994, the New York Times opined about her case and the Violence Against Women Act in “A Million Mrs. Bobbitts:”

Lorena Bobbitt’s response to being continually raped, sodomized and beaten by her husband was uniquely bizarre. But her situation was commonplace. What happened to Mrs. Bobbitt happens, in varying degrees, to more than a million American women every year.

. . .If the Bobbitt case provoked a lot of nervous laughter, the situation itself was no joke. Neither is the situation the Violence Against Women Act can help remedy.

After the 11:00 news on the weekend, I typically switch to HGTV as my default network while I read.  Tonight’s book is Cokie Roberts’ fascinating book Ladies of Liberty.  Ironically, I was reading about Thomas Jefferson’s disdain for women. . .he wasn’t kidding around when he wrote “all men are created equal.”

A promo about the Bobbitts for CBS’ The Insider captured my curiosity.  It seems they are following up on Ms. Gallo’s recent appearance on Oprah.  They arranged for the couple to be reunited for a televised showdown.

We all remember the infamous “bob,” but the domestic violence that preceded it gets lost.  Ms. Gallo tonight confronted her ex-husband about marital rape as well as a coerced abortion both of which he denied along with a series of phone calls to her.

Since their divorce, John Wayne Bobbitt was convicted in 2003 for domestic violence, and appeared in porn flicks.  It appears he may still be stalking Ms. Gallo.

Lorena Gallo

She’s moved on with her life.  She sells real estate in Great Falls, Virginia and donates 10% of her income to domestic violence causes.  She’s also a hair dresser and mother.  She’s engaged.   She hopes to open a shelter and maintains a web site:  Lorena’s Red Wagon.

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