Great Day to Buy Books!


These happy flowers reflect my mood this morning.  Three of my favorite authors are releasing books today!

Debbie Macomber’s Summer on Blossom Street is the latest in her delightful series about a yarn shop in Seattle.  Debbie is touring the country with this book and offering a contest for her readers.  Debbie lives in Port Orchard, WA, which is the setting for her popular Cedar Cove series.

Her friend, and my mentor, Susan Wiggs, who lives across the pond (Puget Sound), is celebrating the paperback release of Just Breathe (reviewed here on April 10) this week.  Susan has a beautiful YouTube video of her visit to Point Reyes, CA, which is the setting for the book, on her blog.  She too has some cool contests going on.

Just Breathe is a fictional account of a woman who survives abuse, flees to California, and finds joy.  Who Do You Think You Are? is a memoir by former New York Times marketing executive Alyse Myers.  Both books are compelling and inspiring, can’t-put-them-down, page turners.


If you loved The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, you will love Alyse Myers’ memoir.

It’s a miracle that Alyse Myers survived her hellish nightmare of a childhood. It’s a greater miracle that she has a thriving career and her own loving family. How did she do it?

Alice Miller, who has written extensively about child abuse, maintains that children who experience child abuse need an “enlightened witness” to serve as our guardian angel.  Enlightened witnesses tell us that what is happening is wrong, and they help us to appreciate our worth.

Ms. Myers’ enlightened witness was an enormously supportive grandfather who told her, “You’re special. You’re going to do great things when you grow up.” We should all be so lucky.

He advised her to save her money, and she did. She escaped into books and the New York Times. School and her red diary were her safe havens. She set challenging goals for herself and worked relentlessly to achieve them.

I am profoundly grateful that Ms. Myers had the courage to candidly speak the truth about her childhood and how she prevailed in despite the odds. I couldn’t put the book down. The triumph of her spirit is so powerful that I cried when I finished the book. Bravo!

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