6 responses to “Wake-up: Shooting Rampages

  1. My sister in-law works in the woods inventorying bug damage in trees in California. She has been followed by bears on several occasions. She now carries a gun while in the woods. She doesn’t want to kill anything. But if it’s her or the bear I think she might kill something.
    What do you think?

  2. I think you are missing the point.

    50.9% of the people murdered with a gun know the person who shot them.

    You want to take that risk? Go ahead.

    There’s also the civil and criminal liability attendant to owning a firearm that is used in a murder.

  3. I own several firearms in my home, and aside from a rifle I use for plinking (for fun), the rest are for personal protection and home defense. I hope I never have to use them, but they are there if I need them. I also own a fire extinguisher, and I hope I never need that as well. Would I get rid of either of them. No way.
    Your stats are good, but you need to stck them up with violent crime using other weapons. Baseball bats, knives, tools, and even their own hands- these are more commonly used by non-aquaintances against victims. These happen too often for the media to really care to report them, unless it is particularly violent. Many of the victims would not be victims if they were properly trained for firearm use and had a gun to defend themselves.
    It is true though, that those with a history of domestic violence should not be allowed to own a gun. You don’t put a gasoline can near a fire, but there is no reason to not be armed to protect yourself in an event that can be prevented.
    A criminal will not go after a person or area that is known to conceal carry. Fact.

  4. Mr. James,

    Thank you for your comment, but I think you missed the point. . .

    You have a 14% chance of being fatally shot by an intruder.

    But, you have a 50.9% chance of being fatally shot by someone you already know.

    Anne Caroline

  5. This is why y’all need to get the guns out of your house. I hope y’all will take a moment to express your condolences to Jenna and her family:

    Jenna’s brother John was killed when a gun he was handling went off accidentally. He sounds like he was a fantastic person. Now, his life is over, and his family is suffering terribly.

    We always think this won’t happen to us, but it does. When it does, it devastates everyone something awful.

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