Connie Culp: Courageous Survivor

Connie Culp

When the Today Show  promoted that the country’sfirst face transplant patient would be on, I had a feeling domestic violence had been involved.  Yep.

If any of you dear readers need incentive to leave the pit bull abuser in your life, I hope you’ll take the time click on the links to look at the photos and read Connie Culp’s story:

Don’t judge people who don’t look the same as you do.  Because you never know.  One day it might be all taken away.

This could happen to any of us.  It’s why I’ve suggested y’all get the guns out of your house.

Tom and Connie Culp

Her husband Thomas’ intent on the fateful night in September 2004 in Hopedale, Ohio was murder-suicide.  They both lived.  He’s in prison for seven years.  She intends to take him back and expects him to put her on a pedestal.

Connie was left blind and needed a tube in her windpipe to breathe, and she couldn’t eat solid food or smell.  She has a service dog named Baby Girl.  She’s soldiered on through 30 surgeries including the face transplant at the Cleveland Clinic.  Connie is thrilled:  “I got me my nose.”  She can now eat solid food.

Daffodil by Carole May

The daffodil photo is one of my favorites by Carole May.  I’ve opted to illustrate this post with it because I think we could use a little sunshine, and I think Connie Culp deserves some flowers.  The next time I feel like having myself a pity party, I’m going to remember her story and be thankful for my blessings.

Update:  Sadly, Connie Culp passed away on July 29, 2020.  At her daughter Alicia’s request, she did not take Tom back after he was released from prison.  She was 57.

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