Bravo, Eve Ensler! Hillary Clinton Visits the DRC

Eve Ensler’s V-Day movement has been working tirelessly for years to bring the world’s attention to the violence against women and girls in the DRC.

This week Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton brought a check for $17 million to the DRC to help fight sexual violence. She also offered the help of the US military’s Africa command and US legal experts to draw up new laws.

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Would you endure 40,000 lashes for your cause?

In the spirit of Gahndi, Lubna-Ahmed al-Hussein is willing to submit to 40,000 lashes for wearing pants in public. Ms. Hussein works for the UN which has recently been criticized by Eve Ensler for failing in their promise to prevent violence against women in the Congo. The UN is not supporting Ms. Hussein’s courageous decision to go on trail rather than opt for diplomatic immunity.

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