Celebrating Barbara Delinsky’s Birthday

Barbara Delinsky is one of my favorite writers. Her birthday was yesterday. Sixteen of her books are on my shelves. I’ve loved every one and have read several more than once.

Her life is rich with experiences that I believe have informed her writing. I was amused to learn that she got kicked out of high school Honors English and that her first pen name was Bonnie Drake.

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Would you endure 40,000 lashes for your cause?

In the spirit of Gahndi, Lubna-Ahmed al-Hussein is willing to submit to 40,000 lashes for wearing pants in public. Ms. Hussein works for the UN which has recently been criticized by Eve Ensler for failing in their promise to prevent violence against women in the Congo. The UN is not supporting Ms. Hussein’s courageous decision to go on trail rather than opt for diplomatic immunity.

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Domestic Violence Prevention: International Stage

Some have suggested that the third wave of feminism is international. There are times when I stridently believe that we need to get our own house in order before we start going out into the world.

Yet, I am humbled when I read about the horrendous abuse women experience in other countries ~ especially in war zones. A military weapon more powerful than any bomb is to rape a woman in front of her family.

The person most in the forefront, of course, is Eve Ensler. Her current efforts are focused on the Congo.

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