Shon Hopwood & #MeToo

Shon Hopwood

Shon Hopwood robbed five banks and was sentenced to federal prison.  Tonight he’s the darling of 60 Minutes because he managed to leverage his worthless life into a professorship at Georgetown Law.

Yes, he has a brilliant legal mind.  He was able to secure a grant of certiorari for his fellow inmates.  He won.  The solicitor general of the United State became his mentor.

Meanwhile, thousands of brilliant women who didn’t ever commit a crime. . .who labored at the SCOTUS bar. . .who worked their asses off. . .have found their careers on the shoals simply because they refuse to suck the dicks and fuck law firm partners.

This is why the #MeToo movement matters and Trump’s supporters who applauded him when he dissed the #MeToo movement are assholes.

A criminal is applauded and brilliant women are cast on the trash heap simply because we refused to join the world’s oldest profession along with our professional career choice.

A sentenced criminal with a penis has more value.

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