IKEA: Caveat Emptor!

Buyer beware!

For years, I have dreamed of having a library with matching bookcases.  I chose IKEA’s Billy design because I could add bookcases as my library expands.

Yesterday, I dove into the pool and ordered my first pair on-line.  $29 for delivery to my door beat the crap out of renting a van and hauling them up three flights of stairs.

IKEA isn’t Amazon.  It is impossible to place your first order without calling their “customer service” and waiting for 45 minutes to speak to someone.  I followed instructions and was shocked to discover that I had been over-charged on an order processed by an IKEA employee.

IKEA placed a hold on my bank account instantly.  It took over FOUR hours of phone calls and on-line chats with their “customer service” people to get them to refund my money. IKEA blamed me for their employee’s mistake.  IKEA said I would get my money in two weeks.  IKEA wouldn’t give me a confirmation number on my refund.  Will I ever get it?  I doubt it.

When I ordered those bookcases, I had no idea that IKEA engaged in fraud.  I cancelled my order.  I wasn’t able to access information on my order last night and presumed that the cancellation had been processed.

Nope.  When I woke up this morning, I quickly discovered that IKEA had processed payment on a cancelled order.

I’ve contacted them twice this morning to speak to a supervisor who never called.  Looks like I’m out $197.62.

Hell will freeze over before I do business with IKEA again.

Caveat emptor!


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