Solar Eclipse in Mill Creek, WA

Do you see the moon near that flash of blue?  You may need to enlarge the photo.

For weeks, I eagerly anticipated yesterday’s solar eclipse and prayed that our sky here in Washington State wouldn’t be overcast like it typically is when there is an exciting astronomical event.

My neighbor, Ron Meeks

I persuaded my neighbor, Ron Meeks, to join me at McCollum Park to watch the eclipse.  We had no idea that we needed those stupid eclipse glasses to actually see the eclipse.  We waited and waited and waited for the excitement to begin.  Fortunately, a mother walking the trail heard my grumbling and loaned us her glasses so that we could see it.

The moon is again visible near the flash of blue.  Please do yourself a favor and enlarge this photo so that you can see it.

This afternoon I uploaded my photos and was shocked to discover that they reveal more of the eclipse than we could see yesterday!

A family watching the eclipse the old-fashioned way.

I was surprised that so many folks came to McCollum Park, but it is one of the most open vistas in Mill Creek.

Photographer intent on capturing the eclipse.

This photographer took photos all morning, and I hope he shares his work.

These folks came prepared.

The maple trees you see behind home plate on the baseball diamond circle the park and line the walking path. The North Creek trail starts at McCollum Park and winds through our reforested old growth wetlands.  The towering evergreen trees are amazing.

I gasped when I realized that this photo had captured the eclipse as well as the moon.  Many of the trees you see touching the sky are about 10 stories high.

2 responses to “Solar Eclipse in Mill Creek, WA

  1. Wonderful images to go along with your very nice eclipse story!

    I was driving in the historic district of Hillsborough, NC, during the beginning of the eclipse, when I saw three deer walk out of the woods in a very curious manner. Like they were tip-towing 🙂

  2. This honestly made my day. I love these reviews and would love to send you 1 million dollars.

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