11/9: The Day Democracy Died


Yes, I know Donald Trump didn’t actually say this in People.  However, this meme very accurately captures Donald Trump’s presidential campaign strategy.  After his birther bullshit trial balloon was successful, he knew he could become president by pandering to the deeply held racist sentiments simmering away in rural America.  He made it socially acceptable to be a racist, bigoted, misogynistic asshole, and voters ate it up.


He got assists from WikiLeaks and FBI director Jim Comey and laughed about how he was getting away with this generation’s version of Watergate.  He had the audacity to call Hillary Clinton corrupt while he is facing trial for RICO at the end of the month.  He is the proverbial Bluebeard who masterfully lures people into relationships with the intent to destroy them.


As many of you know, I grew up in a Nazi enclave outside St. Louis.  I’m intimately familiar with Donald Trump’s penchant for abuse of power and glee over being able to inflict deep pain and anguish in others.  And, I’m exceedingly familiar with the unbelievable vindictiveness of abusers with tremendous political power.

I have said for a long time that we’d find out on election day just how many bigoted racists and misogynists would come out of the closet.  Trump very effectively used Hitler’s playbook, and democracy as we knew it ended today.


I had hoped that love would trump hate, but I think I’ve known for a very long time that evil wins too often.  It wins because we have way too many people  who celebrate evil and vilify love.


It will be open season on abuse.  If you voted for Trump, go fuck yourself.  You fucked America yesterday.  Jesus said “forgive them for they know not what they do.”  He was wrong.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  It is going to be open season on women, children, the disabled, the LGBT community, and immigrants.  The 1st Amendment is toast, and democracy is dead.


6 responses to “11/9: The Day Democracy Died

  1. Trump will be worse than Bush. Trump will do what is best for billionaires like himself ($3.6 billion – Forbes Rich List), Wall Street banks, Big Oil and big mines, and the “hec” with the rest of America. He will probably cut-back on anti-domestic violence funding. Earl Richards

  2. Oh, Earl. Trump is going to make Bush look like a choir boy.

    This morning I know what it must have felt in Nazi Germany when Hitler came to power. I am shocked by how few people see him as dangerous.

    Good to hear from you,

  3. While I clicked like it’s not that I like your post, sadly it’s that I agree with everything you sad. This is truly a heartbreaking day in America…

  4. I am shocked to see how many people did not consider his horrible behavior, they probably don’t even care what his intentions are. I believe his voters just liked the circus he presented and looked past the intelligence and commitment of a dedicated woman. This country needs to be lead by a person with feelings and devotion. This was a big mistake, he will end up hurt those who voted for him.

    Jessica A.

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