Celebrating 600K Visitors: Urban Photo Safari

Mill Creek

To thank all 600,000 of you from around the world who have visited Navigating Uncharted Waters, I want to celebrate by sharing photos from my urban safari last week.  My adventure began with a quest to capture these beautiful trees.

3.26.15 waterfall

I had no idea that these waterfalls were behind a local strip mall.

Korean Spice  bush

Korean Spice bush

Or that my absolutely favorite bush ~ the Korean Spice bush which is part of the viburnum family ~ was next to a dumpster.  The fragrance of the flowers is heavenly.  I planted one underneath my bedroom window outside my condo in Wilmette, IL and miss it terribly.



As I was waiting for the traffic light to change, I noticed this amazing magnolia tree ~ another favorite.


By the time I got to my destination, this shot seemed somehow anticlimactic.

Bald eagle near the ferry dock in Edmonds

Bald eagle near the ferry dock in Edmonds

Y’all know that when I have something to celebrate, I head for the waterfront in Edmonds, WA.  Because the day had presented me with so many gifts from Ma Nature, I was astonished to discover that the bird sitting on top the post near the ferry dock was a bald eagle.  I hope you will click on this photo to see it better.

Bald eagle pair on the jetty at the Edmonds marina

Bald eagle pair on the jetty at the Edmonds marina

When the eagle soared away, I followed it.  I was totally awestruck to see it sitting on the jetty with another eagle.  I wasn’t able to adequately capture my joy because the eagles’ feathers blend into the rocks, and my camera’s zoom lens isn’t powerful enough.

Woodway Eaglets, 2014

Woodway Eaglets, 2014

Although they have a nest in Woodway, I have never seen more than one eagle at the beach.  I’m curious whether they were the eaglets from last year or the parents.

Eagle pair

Eagle pair

After the eagles posed for photos on the jetty, one flew back to the roost by the ferry dock.  When the second eagle flew in, I was so excited that I forgot to zoom in my camera lens to capture them in an epic photo. You probably can’t see them even if you squint.

A trip to the beach isn’t a real celebration without a burger at a waterfront bistro.  Who knew pepperoni in a burger would make my taste buds sing?  The apple crisp wasn’t as good, but it certainly looked pretty.

These vines on the wall of a parking garage were an unexpected surprise.



Since I was in such a good mood, I stopped in at the mall and was delighted to find more of my favorite flowers in bloom.

Blue Bells

Blue Bells

I’ve heard my friends from Texas rave about blue bells, but I’ve never seen them here.



When I got home, I made an appointment to have my hair cut.  Raquel did an awesome job.

Anne Caroline

Anne Caroline

This morning I’m profoundly grateful for this celebration and for everyone who has visited Navigating Uncharted Waters over the last six years. My next post doesn’t have good news.  Thanks for the memories, y’all.  I pray that all of you all will be abundantly blessed.


5 responses to “Celebrating 600K Visitors: Urban Photo Safari

  1. Please know that you have provided six years of honest, poignant, and valuable commentary to those of us keeping our own vessels afloat in similar waters. I am profoundly grateful

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