Artists’ Date with Kit Gruelle in West Seattle

Anne Caroline Drake and Seattle's skyline

Anne Caroline Drake and Seattle’s skyline

It’s been a long damned time since I’ve been on an Artist’s Date, and I want to thank Kit Gruelle tremendously for joining me for a much-needed afternoon of fun in West Seattle.  It’s October.  We both wore purple.

Beachfront overlooking Elliott Bay

Beachfront overlooking Elliott Bay

Y’all know I’m happiest when I’m near water. West Seattle is an amazing enclave across Elliott Bay from the steel and concrete of downtown Seattle. Kit adored it.
Kit FlowerHouse
We both photographed this quirky house with its amazing container garden.

FlowerHouse WestSeattle
I wondered out loud how much water it takes to keep all these flowers lush.FlowerHouse Sculpture
Kit marveled at the sculpture on the roof.

MonkeyTree WestSeattle
We were both intrigued by this unusual pine tree which Kit learned is quite popular in Great Britain.  I think it is called a monkey pine.

Skyline Sailboat
I was ecstatic to capture this beautiful sailboat in a photo.  The red crane is part of Seattle’s container cargo harbor.  The big charcoal grey building is one of our stadiums.Seattle Skyline 10.8.14
A gallery of Seattle photos wouldn’t be complete without one of our Space Needle.

Kit Gruelle in Seattle

Kit Gruelle in Seattle

It was great fun to finally meet Kit and to spend quality time with her.

Kit Gruell and Anne Caroline Drake at the private HBO screening of Private Violence at the SIFF in Seattle

Kit Gruelle and Anne Caroline Drake at the private HBO screening of Private Violence at the SIFF in Seattle

Alas, our time together was short, and we both had work to do. We connected again at HBO’s private screening of Private Violence at the SIFF.

It’s a fabulous documentary that I hope everyone will watch on October 20 on HBO.


2 responses to “Artists’ Date with Kit Gruelle in West Seattle

  1. President Obama is the first President in history to create the White House Adviser on Violence against Women, indicating a genuine concern for battered women and abused children. Hundreds of thousands of battered women owe their lives and well-being to President Obama and Vice President Biden. The Democrats have done everything for the victims of domestic violence, and the GOP have done nothing, because they are a bunch of morally, bankrupt jerks. So, in the NOV 4 elections, do not vote for the Republicans.

  2. Great to hear from you, Earl. I’ve missed you.

    My head wants to explode when I hear survivors bash Pres. Obama and V.P. Biden. They’ve done more for us than any presidential team except for Pres. Clinton, who is a child abuse survivor and witnessed his mother’s abuse. Pres. Ford’s mother barely escaped with her life and had to go into hiding. He changed his name to his step-father’s name, but he never did anything for us.

    There are a few ~ mostly survivors of child abuse ~ Republican champions on the issue of VAWA. However, most of them don’t support other legislation which is frequently essential for women and children to escape successfully. If I recall correctly, their hero, Pres. Reagan, was a child abuse survivor whose family needed welfare to survive. Ironic, eh?

    Sending hugs and best wishes,
    Anne Caroline

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