I Love Lux the Himalayan Cat!

Lux, a 22-pound Himalayan cat in Portland, OR


Cats don’t tolerate abuse.

Lux, a 22-pound Himalayan cat in Portland, OR, has had enough already from the Palmer family.  Baby Jesse pulled his tail.  Lux scratched Jesse.  So, Lee Palmer kicked the cat.  Lux went into “Oh, hell to the NO!” Madea mode and had one hell of a hissy fit.


The big guy who had no trouble kicking the cat was now so terrified of Lux that he barricaded himself in a bedroom with the family dog and called 9-1-1.  He blamed the cat for not having a sense of humor about getting his tail pulled and being kicked.

Sound familiar anybody?

This family needs two adults who understand that there is often sibling rivalry between pets and babies and that babies don’t understand animal boundaries and that some pets don’t have a sense of humor about having a baby invade their territory.  Lux needs a new home where he will be loved and treated with dignity and respect.

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