Criminal “Justice” System: Justice or Criminal?


It’s not a system.
It’s not about justice.
It’s just criminal.
– Unknown

Julie Owens posted this quote on Facebook on Friday.  Today seems an apt day to publish it.  Twenty-one years ago tonight, an appellate court judge set out to deprive me of my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  He knew how dear these liberties were to me.

D56 Crown & Cricket Inn

D56 Crown & Cricket Inn

Well, asshole, I’m still here.  And, tonight I’m going to do what I should have done 21 years ago:  I’m going to have fun with my D56 Christmas houses.

My dear friend Kiwi Mary recommended Dark Witch by Nora Roberts.  She hosts the World’s Best Book Club.  The evil monster in the book, Cabhan, reminds me of you.  For eight centuries (which is way more than 21 years), Cabhan stalked and terrorized Sorcha and her progeny.  In 2013, her descendants formed a protection circle to put an end to Cabhan’s evil deeds.  I finished the book late last night.  It seemed quite fitting.

My "Buddha Beads"

My “Buddha Beads”

This morning I dressed with my own amulet (Buddha beads) and set out to seek the promise of Medicare.  Everyone I encountered said I looked terrific.  No.  I looked like a woman who will never again tolerate abuse of power.  I looked like a woman who has mastered emPOWERment.

He’s been stalking me for 21 years, and it is way past time for him to get a life already.  If stalking were a kid, the kid could legally get drunk tonight.  Ironic.  Drinking and stalking.  The judge’s only real hobbies.  I am shocked and appalled that this judge who has mastered family and child abuse (hands-on) is spending his retirement years advising vulnerable women and children on how to secure a restraining order.  No wonder they leave terrified comments on how they can find true justice and secure safe harbor in his state.

The Dance by Henri Matisse

The Dance by Henri Matisse

Now, dear readers, I’m going back to my retirement.  I hope your holidays are fabulous.  When my Christmas display is finished, I’ll publish photos.  We’ll celebrate our survival together.  Most of the houses were inspired by Charles Dickens’ books.  He knew there’s more justice in the court of public opinion than in any court of law.

Thank you, Kiwi Mary, for another excellent book recommendation.  You more than anyone knows what it means to be an officer and a gentleman.  Julie, I pray that you have a swift and complete recovery.  We have birthdays to celebrate in a couple of weeks.  Karen Welch, thanks for knowing intuitively that today was the day to call.  Bless you all.

OBR Justice

One response to “Criminal “Justice” System: Justice or Criminal?

  1. Caroline, your post is powerful! I sense it may have a cathartic nature for you as well. If so, good…give your soul what it needs, give your spirit what it craves, give your voice a platform… For you to have actually survive after all that you have endured by one of the “Powerful Few”, speaks to your tenacity and resiliency. Talk about a Warrior Woman… You, my dear Warrior Woman have earned “time off”… take care of you… Remember what I always say “Self-care is healthcare”. Much Love… Do some fun things and let us know what they are!!!

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