Broken China and Big Dreams: Sophie Littlefield’s Inspiration

Sophie Littlefield

Sophie Littlefield

It’s like I’ve got my dream date to the prom and
I just want to go moon and sigh a little.
But I promise you this.
After I take a little time off to sweep up the broken china
that is my personal life (it’s been a hell of a year),
words are going to roll.
– Sophie Littlefield

Susan Wiggs recommended Sophie Littlefield to me.  Both authors write books about kick-ass, empowered women.  Each has a sassy. brilliant style that I adore and admire.

Their characters are real women who deal with real challenges.  They don’t whine.  They pop the cork on a bottle of wine and brainstorm solutions.

Thanks for sharing, Julie Owens

Thanks for sharing, Julie Owens

In today’s post, Ms. Littlefield reminded her fans that it takes tremendous determination to make dreams come true. We all have our share of broken dishes that we periodically need to sweep into the trash. Victories are sweeter when we have worked diligently to overcome tremendous hurdles and obstacles.

My own life the last several months has been quite challenging. Silence from me typically indicates that my life is in the sewer looking up at the toilet. I tend to self-isolate to dig for answers. Bitzie is my life raft, and the Byrds make me laugh. I scribble in my journal for hours trying to piece together a crazy quilt of clues from my subconscious.

Epiphanies emerge and cluster into patterns of thoughts until a paradigm-shifting idea explodes into my conscious thoughts.  My spring bulbs are blooming, and I feel myself emerging from a very dark winter’s night.  Hopefully, I’m cobbling together solutions that will help others, and my own words will be rolling along soon.

Angelique tulip

Angelique tulip

Thank you all for your patience and loyalty.  I wish everyone a happy Spring!

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5 responses to “Broken China and Big Dreams: Sophie Littlefield’s Inspiration

  1. I’m so so happy spring is here. What is it about those spring flowers that helps put a little pep in our step? Nature’s art. I hope u are well. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Joy!

    This week I discovered that I have two copies of Jane Fonda’s Fit & Strong which is her DVD for older women.

    Would any of your readers/fans appreciate it?

    Here’s to Spring!
    Anne Caroline

  3. LOL ~ I clearly adore her ~ bought two copies of the same DVD. I also have Walk Out from the library which I haven’t yet watched.

    Fit & Strong is very definitely for senior women. I’ll e-mail you for your snail mail address and send it to you tomorrow. A review of it might give you an opportunity to expand your blog audience. Susan Wiggs’ daughter frequently held contests on her blog to expand her audience ~ maybe the DVD could be a prize for new senior subscribers.

  4. Tell me what you think of Walk Out too. I have video reviews already set up for next weeks posts, so this is perfect timing. Fun to see what’s out there – try new things.

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