New Look for Navigating Uncharted Waters

To celebrate Navigating Uncharted Waters’ 250,000 visitor milestone, I decided to make this site more dynamic.

The “Welcome!” page now showcases a slide show of gorgeous photos linking you to featured posts.  The gallery will always include the original welcome page as well as an easy link to Elizabeth Gilbert posts.  The other four featured posts will change weekly.

You will notice my future posts will be focused on Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising:  Strike/Dance/Rise! global initiative to end violence against women.  The international celebration will be on V-Day’s 15th anniversary on February 14, 2013.  I believe that world peace starts at home, and I know we desperately need a new domestic violence paradigm.  I think the solutions will be found in the medical and religious communities rather than in the criminal “justice” system.  And, I have always known that survivors will drive this change.

To this end, I would like to showcase the faces/gravatars of survivors who are silent no more!  If you are technologically more savvy than I am and know WordPress, I would love to hear how I can best accomplish this goal.  I also think it would be fun to include a global map indicating where y’all are surviving, thriving, and finding joy.

Because my survivors’ blogroll is getting to be extensive, I think it would be a good idea to break it into categories.  If you would like to have your blog or website added to the list, please leave a comment.  Also, I’m looking for feedback for the types of categories that would be helpful to you.  “Faith-based” and “Domestic Violence by Proxy” or “Protective Mothers” are obvious categories, but I know that many of the blogs listed are in both categories.

The most subtle change is that my new blog theme uses my favorite color of purple for all the links.

4 responses to “New Look for Navigating Uncharted Waters

  1. Looking good. Of course I love the ‘silent no more’ link! And Irises and purple are my favourite colour and flower! Love the synchronicity. Good going….

  2. Awesome update. I love lady Liberty! She is a symbol of the inspiration that you give to us all.

  3. Thanks, Ladies!

    Kiwi Mary, how are you feeling? It is SO good to hear from you ~ didn’t know you love iris ~ LOL ~ wonder who gave me the awesome idea for “silent no more?” ;-)) Everybody loves it.

    Julie, my case manager love, love, loves the canal photo. Karen, there’s a lot of symbolism in the Lady Liberty fireworks ~ my dream for a very long time is to have a huge celebration of survivors at NY’s Madison Square Gardens. V-Day, of course, is based in NYC. Julie and I have been talking about launching the Sisterhood of the Sailing Survivors ~ a Clinton global initiative on a cruise ship with margaritas. You in?

    Sending hugs and thanks,
    Anne Caroline

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