J2J: Bulbs in Bloom, 2012

Daffodil Cheerfulness, Angelique Tulip, Grape Hyacinth

My flowers bring me tremendous joy.   I love the romantic blend of pale pink, lavender, and white.

Grape hyacinth (muscari armeniacum)

Hyacinths are favorite bulbs because they herald Spring.  I discovered these tiny grape hyacinths in Edmonds and love their delicate addition to a container of bulbs.

Hyacinth Anne Marie

When this hyacinth bloomed, it took my breath away.

The daffodils this year were spectacular, and a few are still in bloom!

Daffodil Thalia

My absolutely favorite tulip is the Angelique because it looks like a peony. They were a bit of a disappointment this year because I jammed too many bulbs into my container. Still, I love this photo.

Angelique tulip and grape hyacinth


These lovely hydrangea were my Easter gift to myself.  Amazingly, they are still in bloom.

Klem’s Leen Van der Mark Tulips

Skagit County, WA is infamous for their tulips, but these Leen Van der Mark tulips are from Klem’s in Redmond.  They bloom very dramatically.

I will be posting more photos on my Facebook page.  My flowers bring me joy first thing in the morning when I sip my coffee and scribble in my journal.  They continue to lighten my spirits as I write at my computer.  They are so vital to my PTSD recovery that I actually have a prescription for flowers from my physician!

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