Nobody’s Perfect

Who do you love?  Who?  Who?

February is the month of love.  Yet, most survivors of child abuse and domestic violence don’t always feel the love.  We don’t always feel safe at home.

When it comes to sending Valentine roses to express our love, our own names sadly don’t always top our list of people we love enough to send our very best.  We’ve been conditioned to put ourselves last on the list.

In a couple of weeks, red roses will cost a small fortune.  Yesterday, however, I was able to buy a dozen red roses and five delicate white iris at Safeway for less than $15.  I bought them to celebrate having a safe haven this year and to honor the three women who made it possible:  Lindsey, Piril, and Jess. 

This owl graphic shares wall space with my diplomas and awards.  It reminds me that we are all blessed with wisdom.  It reminds me that all God’s children are deserving of being treated with dignity and respect.

I did the needlepoint at the top of this post decades ago.  Survivors of child abuse and domestic violence sometimes need to be reminded that nobody’s perfect.  Many of us have become over-achievers to try to earn love that should have come to us unconditionally.

This year on Valentine’s Day (V-Day), I hope the name at the top of your love list is your own.  You deserve to be loved and respected without condition.  This isn’t an arrogant idea.  It is God’s grace.

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